Bedbugs have been considered a problem of the past. However, bedbugs are making a strong comeback, in part due to international travel. Bedbugs get into clothes and luggage and are carried around the world. Bedbugs have even been found in upscale hotels and homes! We use the most advance products and procedures in the industry when targeting bed bugs. You will have peace of mind and be back to a good night sleep in no time! Our bed bug pest management service has a 98% success rate!

Our bed bug treatments always start with a thorough inspection of your residence or business, at which time we carefully explain what customized treatment options would work best for your situation. Get rid of these pests and prevent further infestations by calling us. Our work is guaranteed to satisfy.

Our Bedbug Control Services Include:

A thorough inspection of your home. bedrooms, living areas, cracks and crevices

Treatment. odorless insecticide spray and dust

Steaming mattresses and other furniture

Mattress & box spring encasements (sold separately) 

Follow-up work if necessary