Protect your Family and Investment, contact Pest Control Consultants. We have over 30 years of experience getting rid of pests that can severely damage your home. Your home is one of your most expensive possessions. Termites can ruin it in a short time - in some cases, you may not know you have termites until they have done extensive damage.


The Termidor system is America's number one choice in conventional termite treatments. Our team is trained specifically to use this product. It is used around the perimeter of the home or building to eliminate these unwanted pests. This particular product clings to the soil around the home or building and is consumed by the termites. Once it is consumed it not only affects that bug but it is then passed around to the rest of the colony.

Our Termite Control Services Include:

Wood destroying inspection reports

Liquid termite treatments featuring Termidor and other non-repellent termiticides

In-ground termite baiting and monitoring

Termite pre-treats before homes are built

Boracare treatments directly on bare wood

**If you are selling your home the majority of the time a termite inspection is needed by most loan companies. Whether you are selling your home or just looking to refinance in order for your loan to be approved you will need to have a termite inspection. Call our team today-we proudly offer same day service! We will gladly give you a free quote on our termite inspections as well as any other termite elimination you may need.