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Trusted Pest Control Services In Algonquin, IL

Despite what we may do to try and stop them, pests will always be a problem for homeowners and business owners here in Algonquin. However, keeping pests away from your property has never been easier than when you partner with the local pest control experts here at Pest Control Consultants. We are dedicated to helping property owners protect their homes and businesses from the many pests that also call our area home. With over 30 years of experience within the pest control industry, you can trust us to provide effective, efficient, and long-lasting pest control solutions. From general pest management to specialized pest treatments, we do it all. In addition, we also offer same-day service visits to control pest problems that can’t wait. Reach out to Pest Control Consultants today for high-quality pest control services you can’t find anywhere else. 

Home Pest Control In Algonquin, IL

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There are many challenges that come with owning a home. One of the many challenges that Algonquin homeowners face is keeping their homes and families protected from pests such as bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and spiders. However, when you turn to the trusted pest professionals here at Pest Control Consultants, it’s easy to protect your property against pest threats. We have developed three high-quality home pest control programs that can be customized to meet your individual needs. Whether you choose our Guardian Protection Plan, Guardian Advanced Protection Plan, or Preferred Protection Plan, you can trust that your Algonquin home will remain pest-free throughout every season. For more information about our home pest control services or to find out which of our home pest control plans is right for you, contact Pest Control Consultants today.  

Commercial Pest Control In Algonquin, IL

Your Algonquin business is no place for pests such as rodents, roaches, or ants. Unfortunately, word spreads fast when customers start noticing pests in your commercial establishment. Not only are pests responsible for spreading numerous diseases, but they can also damage your inventory and disturb your customers. If you’re ready to say goodbye to pests in your Algonquin business, then it’s time to contact the pest technicians here at Pest Control Consultants for year-round commercial pest protection you can trust. At Pest Control Consultants, we understand that no two business properties are the same, which is why we work with you to develop a solution that’s customized for your unique situation. We also offer specialized pest treatments in addition to our regular commercial pest control options to handle specific pests such as bed bugs and rodents. Don’t wait, call Pest Control Consultants today for solutions to all of your commercial pest problems.

Three Things Everyone In Algonquin, IL Ought To Know About Mice

Mice are a small rodent species. They are adaptable pests that can thrive in a wide variety of environments. One of the environments that mice thrive in is Algonquin homes and businesses where they can find plenty of food, water, and shelter. Like all rodents, mice have a single pair of large front teeth that never stop growing. Here in Illinois, field mice are the most common species of mice to invade residential and commercial properties. Although mice aren’t looking to cause any harm, they can cause quite a few problems when they invade. When it comes to mouse infestations, here are three things you should know:

  • Mice can damage wires, piping, structural beams, and personal property with their constant chewing.

  • Mice are always chewing in order to wear down their constantly-growing front incisors. 

  • Mice can spread several different diseases, including hantavirus, salmonellosis, and bubonic plague. 

  • Mice can squeeze through gaps the size of a nickel. It’s important to seal any gaps and crevices around the exterior of your property to prevent mice from invading. 

It’s incredibly difficult to get rid of mouse infestations without professional help due to the fact that mice reproduce rapidly. Contact Pest Control Consultants today to eliminate and prevent mouse problems in and around your Algonquin property. 

The Secret Of Avoiding Termite Damage In Algonquin, IL

Termites are destructive insects that feed on wooden materials and live in large underground colonies. In the United States alone, termites are responsible for costing property owners approximately five billion dollars each year. Some termite colonies include upwards of one million individual termites. In order to avoid attracting termites to your Algonquin property, follow a few of these termite prevention tips:

  • Remove sources of excess moisture such as leaking pipes, drains, and faucets. 

  • Clear sticks and debris out of your gutter system to ensure water is drained away from your property. 

  • Remove water damaged wood, and replace it with dry, sound wood.

  • Remove logs, stumps, and old fence posts from your property.

  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from your exterior walls.

  • Reduce areas of direct wood-to-soil contact.

  • Keep an eye out for signs of termite activity, such as shed wings and mud tubes. 

Termites are tricky insects that can be difficult to eliminate. To control and prevent termite infestations in and around your Algonquin home or business, reach out to the pest experts here at Pest Control Consultants. 


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