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Trusted Pest Control Services In Bettendorf, IA

A central transportation hub in the area, Bettendorf is a sought-after location for its high quality of life, excellent schools, and strong sense of community. With a vibrant downtown area, a wide choice of restaurants, shops, and cultural venues, as well as several parks and recreational facilities for nature lovers, it is a great place to work and raise a family.

From playing the slot machines at the Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf to running and biking along the Quad Cities Waterfront with beautiful views of the Mississippi River or visiting the Family Museum and its interactive exhibits and programs that focus on science, technology, engineering, and math, there is something for everyone.

But with its hot summers and freezing winters, our area is also a hub for pests like bed bugs, ants, rodents, overwintering invaders, and more. If you are struggling with an infestation, Pest Control Consultants provides pest control in Bettendorf to eliminate it for good.

Home Pest Control In Bettendorf, IA

home pest control in bettendorf ia

When your home is no longer safe and is the target of pest infestations, it is time to act. Your household can be at risk of bacterial contaminations and bites, and pests can also cause issues to the structure of your home. 

At Pest Control Consultants, we understand that you want pest infestations eliminated swiftly and safely. To achieve this, we prioritize inspections and prevention strategies, eco-friendly treatments, and regular training for our licensed service members to avoid pest problems.

Contact us today to schedule a home inspection and learn more about our residential pest control services, including mosquito, termite, tick, and advanced rodent control, as well as one-time treatments or recurring plans. 

Commercial Pest Control In Bettendorf, IA

Keeping your business free of pests should be a priority, but it should not get in the way of running your business efficiently. If you are dealing with unwanted invaders on your commercial property, it is essential to work with professional licensed service members who can eliminate them before they affect your business.

Pests can harm businesses in many different ways. Cockroaches and wasps can chase customers away immediately, while rodents and termites can make your property unsafe and cause costly damages. Many pests can also make you and your employees sick.

Call us today to schedule an inspection and find out how we can tailor our commercial pest control services to the unique needs of your business.

Five Practical Termite Control Tips For Homes In Bettendorf

Termites are a great example of a pest that is far easier to prevent than treat. The following five practical termite control tips can help keep you safe from these destructive insects:

  1. Keep wood away from your home: Because termites feed on wood, it's essential to keep it away from the structure of your house. Keeping firewood and lumber several feet away from your home and keeping your yard clean of branches and debris is a good way to minimize your risk of termites.
  2. Remove moisture sources: Like many pests, termites thrive in moist environments. It's essential to remove any sources of moisture in and around your home, including fixing leaky pipes and clogged gutters and ensuring proper drainage around your foundation.
  3. Seal cracks and gaps in your home: Termites are tiny and can enter homes through small cracks and crevices. Sealing these areas around pipes, vents, electrical wiring, and in the foundation and walls of your home is vital to prevent infestations.
  4. Consider baits and wood treatments: While these treatments are a practical and effective way to control termites, you must use them properly. A professional pest control company can help you treat your home safely.
  5. Schedule regular home inspections: Inspections can effectively identify and prevent termite infestations. From mud tubes to wood damage, there are many signs of termite infestations that a professional can catch early on when treatments are quicker and less costly.

At Pest Control Consultants, we can eliminate infestations and prevent them from returning with the most effective termite treatments available. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and learn more about our services.

What Health Problems Can Mosquitoes In Bettendorf Cause?

Mosquitoes kill more people worldwide each year than any other animal, and the United States isn't immune to the problems they can cause. In Bettendorf, mosquitoes can transmit diseases like the West Nile virus, dengue fever, and the Zika virus, which can cause symptoms like fever, headache, and other flu-like symptoms, and in some cases, more severe illnesses or even death. Additionally, mosquitoes can transmit heartworm to dogs and cats.

At Pest Control Consultants, we strive to provide the most effective mosquito control treatments to keep you and your household safe. Our process starts with thoroughly inspecting your property to look for breeding and resting sites and determine which treatment strategies will be most effective, from one-time services to monthly misting. 

If you are done dealing with pests of all kinds in and around your home, it is time to eliminate them and prevent them from coming back. Call us at Pest Control Consultants today to find out how we can make your property safe again from wood-destroying insects, dangerous scavengers, and vectors of diseases and prevent them from returning.


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