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A Hands-On Spring Time Pest Prevention Guide For St. Charles Homes

March 30, 2022

Spring is the time of re-birth when we get to put the unpredictable winter weather to bed and enjoy some sun. This is also the time when pest control in St. Charles is important for residents who need to be most on guard against pests. 

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Common Pests That Get More Active In St. Charles As The Weather Warms

Many springtime pests become active as the weather warms in St. Charles. For example, Japanese beetles, mice, and wasps are notorious for emerging in the sun. While their presence is an integral part of our ecosystem, sometimes they find their way into your home.

Japanese beetles are invasive species of beetle that feed on and destroy hundreds of different plant species. The young Japanese beetles, called grubs, mainly eat grassroots and turn lawns brown. Their adult counterparts focus on trees, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Their metallic green and copper shells identify adults.

Mice take shelter during the cold winter months. Sometimes, they hide within walls and crawl spaces during the winter and then re-emerge into and around homes in St. Charles during the spring. Mice enter your home for shelter, food, and water. If an infestation occurs, they will chew on the inner workings of homes.

Wasps and hornets are omnivorous stinging insects that resemble bees but do not belong in the same family. Wasps have narrow waists and pointed abdomens. They build their nests out of wood fibers and place them in the eaves of your roof, doorways, windows, or trees. They are notoriously grumpy and territorial, and unlike bees, they can sting more than once without causing any harm to themselves. 

Why Spring Cleaning And Pest Prevention Go Hand In Hand

Spring cleaning can provide you with a fresh start but it also protects your home from pests. Overgrown vegetation, standing water, garbage, crumbs, food scraps, and debris are all popular attractants to pests. Human waste and debris are often perfect hiding places for pests and also provide food and water to keep them going. A mess will often encourage pests to stay and reproduce in your home, leading to a full-blown infestation.

How To Keep Pests Out Of Your St. Charles Home This Summer

Of course, cleaning isn’t the only way to prevent springtime pests from finding their way onto your St. Charles property. Some other pest prevention tips include:

  • Keep firewood stacked at least 20 feet away from your home and check it thoroughly before bringing it into the house.
  • Provide maintenance and upkeep to any window or door screens that may have tears.
  • Fill in any gaps or crack in siding, foundation, or roofing with metal mesh, cement, or caulking.
  • Do not allow garbage cans to overflow and be sure to keep their lid on tight.
  • Seal pantry food in airtight containers and keep fruit stored in the refrigerator.
  • Do not leave pet food and water bowls out overnight.

The Best Way To Keep Your St. Charles Home Pest-Free All Year

While prevention is all well and good, it will not resolve an active infestation in your St. Charles home. The only way to ensure that your home is pest-free and remains that way year-round is to partner with a professional pest control team like Pest Control Consultants. We offer free inspections and a wide variety of residential and commercial exterminator services that provide a service-oriented approach to make sure that you and your home are protected all year long. For pest control peace of mind, give Pest Control Consultants a call.

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