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A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your St. Charles Home

January 1, 2023

St. Charles demonstrates a trend that the rest of the nation shares. Bed bug infestations are increasing everywhere, and St. Charles has them too. Bed bugs are easy to get, bad to have, and hard to get rid of. Bed bugs are very hardy and great at surviving DIY pest control efforts. In a short period of time, a bed bug infestation can spread to several rooms in the same house. Worse, bed bugs are a gift that keeps on giving because they are eager to travel and will go with you anywhere. A bed bug infestation in one home can turn into bed bug infestations all across town. 

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your day by infesting your home. Pest Control Consultants can help with bed bug control in St. Charles. Call us today. 

bed bug crawling on skin

Step 1: Identify The Bed Bug Infestation

Here are some quick ways to identify a bed bug infestation:

  • Bed bug bites: Bed bugs take a long time to feed and don’t like being disturbed. They feed on you when you sleep. Waking up with bites on exposed skin is a sign.
  • Blood on sheets: Bed bugs tend to leave bloodstains on sheets when they feed. If you see blood spots on your sheets, that may be a sign of bed bugs.
  • Dark stains on mattresses/box springs: These stains are a sign of bed bug droppings, most often found between mattresses and box springs. They are dark red or rust-colored.
  • The bugs themselves: Bed bugs like to hide during the day, but quickly lifting a mattress can sometimes catch bed bugs napping. Any bug under your mattress is suspect.
  • Shells/eggs: Bed bugs tend to leave their shells and eggs under mattresses.

Any of these signs potentially indicate a bed bug infestation. If you see any of these signs, contact Pest Control Consultants immediately. Our expertise can help you identify and treat bed bug infestations.

Step 2: Understand The Problems With A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bug infestations, beyond the bites, can be quite problematic. Bed bugs start in one room of your house and spread to others. Bed bugs can hide in bedding, clothing, behind light switches, inside power outlets, furniture, appliances, luggage, and any other place they want. Bed bugs are also hardy insects that can survive a long time without feeding. Due to these factors, bed bug control in St. Charles can be extremely difficult to address with DIY efforts. 

Calling Pest Control Consultants takes the worry out of bed bugs. We know how to find bed bugs, and when we do, we know how to kill bed bugs.

Step 3: Understand How Bed Bug Infestations Start

Bed bug infestations are not related to how clean or dirty a home is. Instead, bed bugs just happen to be excellent hitchhikers. They can enter your home in a variety of ways — even on pets — and as soon as they get inside, they start breeding as fast as they can. There’s really no way to completely prevent a bed bug infestation because all it takes is for one female bed bug to make its way inside unseen. If the environment is right, and it always is for bed bugs, the infestation will grow. 

Pest Control Consultants want your bed bug infestation to go away. Call us today if you see bed bugs. Our safe and effective treatment methods will help you get rid of them.

Step 4: Contact The Professionals For Total Bed Bug Elimination

One of the major challenges with bed bugs is that they tend to reappear if treated ineffectively. DIY bed bug control rarely solves the problem and can leave homeowners bitten and frustrated. Pest control professionals know all about bed bug control techniques for your home and can help you quickly and effectively manage infestations.

Pest Control Consultants can help you get rid of your bed bug problem. We are your St. Charles company of choice for professional, effective, and safe pest control.

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