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Are You Prepared For Mosquito Season To Return To Illinois?

April 11, 2019

Life is filled with problems and solutions. Some are simple, such as when your car is running out of gas, you simply add more gas. Other problems are a little more complicated, such as figuring out how fast the speed of light is. The good news is, defending your property against mosquitoes is not as difficult as determining the speed of light. It is, however, a little more difficult than putting gas in your gas tank. Enough with comparisons, let’s get into what is most important here - mosquitoes.

a mosquito biting a persons finger in illinois

Why Mosquitoes Will Soon Be Buzzing Around Again In St. Charles, Illinois

It does not take a rocket scientist to notice that mosquitoes disappear when the weather gets colder. This tends to happen in the fall, and by the time winter arrives, mosquitoes are all but an afterthought. However, as the weather heats back up here in St. Charles, Illinois, mosquitoes will begin to re-emerge, as if by magic. We assure you, it’s not magic. What is really happening is, the eggs that female mosquitoes laid in sources of stagnant water before the weather dropped below 50 degrees are beginning to hatch. Hatching increases as warmer weather increases, which is why summer has the highest populations of mosquitoes. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to greatly reduce mosquito populations on your property.

Preparation Steps Every Homeowner Should Take To Mitigate Risk Of Mosquito Bites

As we have already talked about, female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant sources of water. Eliminating as many of these sources as you can should be the first step in your preparation process. It also helps if you inform your neighbors about this simple trick. The more the people around you take the same precautions, the fewer mosquitoes you will need to worry about in your neighborhood. As for precautions you can take for yourself to mitigate mosquito bites, there are a few things you can do:

  • Use insect repellent.

  • Consider wearing lighter-colored clothing, as mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors.

  • Keep in mind that mosquitoes are attracted to sweat, body heat, and certain smells that come from perfumes and lotions. Make adjustments where necessary to keep from attracting them to your body.

Why Call The Professionals At PCC If Mosquitoes Ever Become A Problem

Dealing with mosquitoes can be a pain, and simply looking at the above steps can seem overwhelming. Here at Pest Control Consultants, we provide a simple solution, which comes in the form of professional mosquito treatments. With a single visit, one of our pest technicians can treat your property with a defense that keeps mosquitoes at bay. If that sounds good to you, call the PCC professionals. It would be our pleasure to lend a helping hand.

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