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How Dangerous Is It To Have Termites In My Dixon Home?  

March 15, 2021

Termites are one of the most destructive pests we have here in Dixon. They tend to stay inside their nests unless they’re mating, so they can fly under the radar for months and years at a time – often evading discovery until they’ve done significant damage. Large colonies can eat up to a couple of pounds of wood a day, meaning they can wreck homes and businesses, leading to major structural repairs and maybe even total loss.

termites destroying wood in a home

So, how dangerous is it to have termites on your property? In a word: very. Below we’ll go over some of the signs to look for if you suspect termite infestation and how to prevent these harmful pests from setting up shop in your home.

How To Spot A Termite Infestation

Termites live either underground or inside your walls, so you won’t see them just moseying about your kitchen counter like ants. The one time you will see them in the open is when they’re swarming. During the spring and early summer, mature termite colonies send out reproductive males and females called alates who pair off and head off to found their own colonies.
When they swarm, thousands of these mating alates will form a big cluster on trees, the sides of buildings, or directly on the ground. If you see swarms, they’ve likely come from mature nests already established on your property. Usually, this is the first sign you have a problem. Other signs include seeing:

  • Mud Tubes – These are tunnels in the ground leading to subterranean nests.

  • Kick Out Holes – These holes are for the expulsion of their waste materials.

  • Tunnels-  They create tunnels through the wooden building materials in your home.

  • Frass- This is a mix of sawdust and droppings left by the termites as they eat.

  • Wood damage – You will notice buckled walls, sagging ceilings, and decayed building materials.

Prevention Tips

Termites are really tough to get rid of once they’re established. Their nests are hard to access, and it’s not uncommon to already have several satellite nests by the time you discover a mature colony. So the easiest thing to do is avoid getting them in the first place. A few things you can do to prevent termites include:

  • Fix all leaks and unclog drains and gutters to eliminate moisture issues.

  • Keep a mulch-free zone of no less than 12-18 inches around your home’s foundation.

  • Clear your property of decaying wood, like rotting branches or dead trees.

  • Stain decking and other outdoor wood to prevent water damage and make it tougher for termites to chew through.

  • Trim brush and branches away from the side of your home.

  • Don’t store your firewood against the siding of your house or directly on the ground.

What To Do If You’re Infested Already

Unfortunately, termites can get around even the toughest prevention program. If that happens, you shouldn’t waste time and money on ineffective at-home remedies. Not only do these remedies simply kick the can down the road by eliminating mature colonies and making room for new ones to move into the same spots; they also often fail to get the original colony in the first place.
The best thing to do is call the experts. Here at Pest Control Consultants, we’ve got the experience and the tools to rid your house of these destructive, unwelcome guests. We offer preventative treatments for a variety of pests, as well as effective and low-cost extermination services for current infestations. Our regularly scheduled maintenance programs can help you achieve peace of mind that the pests and their nests are gone for good! Give us a call at (815) 427-1211 or visit our contact page to schedule your service today!

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