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How Much Damage Can Carpenter Ants Cause In Dixon, Illinois?

March 17, 2019

There are a lot of threats in life. Some affect our personal well-being or the well-being of our family and friends. Others threaten our investments. Knowing about these threats is important, not so we can worry about them, but so we can properly understand how to handle them if they become a reality in our lives. Carpenter ants are one of these threats. Even though they may seem like a small pest problem at first glance, with a large enough colony, your Dixon, IL home could be in serious trouble. Take some time now to learn more about this potential threat. You may even find some helpful tips to keep them at bay.

a carpenter ant outside of a home in dixon illinois

How To Identify Carpenter Ants And The Signs They Leave Behind

Carpenter ants look a lot like other species of ants. They are small, have six legs, and are red or black in color, or a combination of both. What sets them apart is the way they invade wood to build their nests. Other ant species are content to build their nests outside of your home underground. But carpenter ants prefer destroying your home to meet their needs, resulting in some serious structural damage around your home.
When carpenter ants tunnel their way through your home, they leave behind some clear signs that give away their presence. One of these signs is fine sawdust around or under wood. Unlike other pests, such as termites, carpenter ants do not eat the wood they tunnel through. Instead, they leave it behind in the form of this saw dust. Besides this dust or any clear structural damage you can see, the only other clear sign of their presence is seeing carpenter ants themselves around the wood of your home.

Prevention Tips For Carpenter Ants

Although difficult to prevent alone, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to reduce your home's chances of becoming infested.
Here are a few good ways to start:

  • Reduce moisture around your home. Repair leaky pipes and use dehumidifiers in particularly moist areas of your home.

  • Store food items away in air-tight containers. Keep in mind that carpenter ants do not eat the wood of your home, and will still look to scavenge inside your home to find a good meal.

  • If your trash cans do not have tight-sealing lids, consider investing in some that do. This will keep carpenter ants from finding treasures (food) in your trash.

  • Look for wood that has been damaged by either water or fungi, and have it repaired. Carpenter ants will look for wood that has been affected in this way when looking to invade.

How Professional Services Can Help

If carpenter ants still show up after you take these precautions, or if you would like to have your home inspected just in case you missed something, contact Pest Control Consultants for professional help. Our pest experts have been trained not only to identify any pest problems you may be having, but also to handle them in a way that works best for you. No matter the size of your problem, we have a solution. It’s our guarantee. 

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