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Is Professional Bed Bug Treatment In St. Charles Necessary?

March 15, 2022

What is bed bug control, and why is professional treatment so necessary? Read on to find out why professional bed bug control is the only way to rid your St. Charles home of an infestation and when to call Pest Control Consultants.

a person inspecting a mattress for bed bugs

Do Bed Bugs Only Invade Dirty Homes In St. Charles?

We all remember the rhyme from our childhood, 'goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite.' but as adults, the idea of bed bugs means so much more than a simple rhyme. When you envision a bed bug infestation, you might picture a dirty, cluttered home. The truth is that bed bugs don't favor a dirty home over a clean home.

Bed bugs will hitchhike their way right into any home or business in search of their next host, regardless of the establishment's cleanliness. While it is true that an infestation in a dirty and cluttered home may be harder to spot at first than in a clean home, bed bugs are not partial to one environment over the other.

Should I Try DIY Treatment For My St. Charles Home?

If you've ever been faced with a bed bug infestation, you already know how difficult it is to get rid of one. DIY bed bug control techniques for your home can be costly and largely ineffective, leaving homeowners in St. Charles exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Professionals at Pest Control Consultants know the best bed bug control techniques for your home before they even inspect your home. DIY treatments for bed bugs are never the answer. Let the professionals take the worry out of your bed bug infestation and get you back to having a good night's sleep!

Why Is Professional Bed Bug Treatment In St. Charles Best?

Pest Control Consultants is the best local pest control for bed bugs in St. Charles. Our professionals at Pest Control Consultants are dedicated to staying up-to-date on all of the latest practices and techniques to most efficiently rid your home of bed bugs. Our dedication and professionalism make us the best local pest control for bed bugs in all of St. Charles.

How Can I Prevent A Reinfestation In My St. Charles Home?

Though a DIY approach is strongly discouraged in bed bug elimination, there are many steps you can take to prevent a reinfestation in your St. Charles home. Follow these simple steps to ensure you keep your home bed bug-free:

  • When traveling through airports or other transportation hubs, avoid placing your luggage or bags on the floor. 

  • When staying in a hotel, thoroughly inspect bedding for any signs of a bed bug infestation. Look for minor bloodstains on the sheets or the mattress. Inspect box springs and headboards for bed bugs. Check under beds for small piles of bed bug feces that resemble salt and pepper.

  • Do not set luggage on the bed or floor when staying in a hotel. 

  • Wash all clothing, even if it wasn't worn, upon your return home. Thoroughly vacuum your luggage.

  • When having houseguests, change bedsheets immediately and wash in hot water. Vacuum the area around the bed.

  • Be sure to inspect all used furniture before bringing it into your home. Check cracks and crevices as these are notorious bed bug hiding spots.

  • Keep the area around your bed clear of clutter. The fewer places bed bugs have to hide, the easier it is to spot them before an infestation grows out of control.

  • Contact Pest Control Consultants at the first sign of a bed bug problem.

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