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St. Charles' Complete Guide To Winter Rodent Control    

December 16, 2019

Many preparations have to be made before winter comes into full swing here in St. Charles. Winter clothing must be taken out of storage, leaves must be removed from yards, and homes have to be prepared for winter invaders. No, we are not talking about human burglars, but rather unwanted guests of the rodent persuasion. Each year without fail rodent infestations picks up around St. Charles, mostly because of the change of temperature. When the weather gets too uncomfortable for mice, rats, and squirrels, they begin looking for ways into our warm homes. To keep your St. Charles property safe this winter, we have made this complete guide to winter rodent control. We hope it helps.

a house mouse feasting on scraps in a dixon illinois kitchen

Common Winter Rodents

Here in St. Charles, we have a few different species of rodent invaders. House mice, deer mice, brown rats, and squirrels are just a few. These furry home intruders all have one thing in common. They all have sharp front incisor teeth, capable of chewing through wood, plastic, and even cement. Some rodents can even chew through lead. Besides this, many of these rodents are also adept climbers. They use this skill to gain access to higher points on your home when looking to invade. As you can assume, this makes defending your home much more difficult.

How To Make Your Home Less Hospitable To Rodent

If rodents do manage to find their way into your home this winter, you don’t want them sticking around for long. To make your home less hospitable for rodent invaders, here are some practical tips.

  • Keep your home clean. This is made easier by limiting the number of rooms where you prepare and eat food. When cleaning your home, do not forget under large appliances and furniture, where messes are often forgotten.

  • After meals, store leftover foods inside of airtight containers and inside the refrigerator if possible. In the same way, repackage food stored in cardboard boxes or plastic bags such as cereal inside of larger sealable plastic, metal, or glass containers.

  • Clean up after your pets. Specifically, pick up and clean out their food and water bowls before going to bed at night.

How To Keep Rodents Out

Deterring rodents is great, but wouldn’t it be better if they just couldn’t get in in the first place. Here are some practical ways you can keep mice out of your home and off your property.

  • Keep your yard free of debris, clutter and make sure firewood piles are at least 30 feet from the exterior of your home.

  • Trim back branches and bushes at least 5 feet away from the exterior walls of your home.

  • Use a caulking gun and some wire mesh to seal cracks and opening in your home’s foundation. Do the same thing for gaps around utility piping as well as door and window frames.

  • Make sure your roofline is properly sealed.

  • Install metal screens over vents traveling out of your home.

  • Invest in a chimney cap that keeps out rodents if you do not already have one.

  • Repair any other damages to the exterior of your home that could allow rodents a way inside.

It only takes an opening the size of a nickel for a rodent to find it’s way into your home, so be thorough when sealing your home’s exterior.

What To Do If Rodent Get Inside

Incorporating all of the above steps in your home should make it difficult for rodents to get inside. If they do manage to get past your defenses or are already inside as you are reading this, we have your answer here at Pest Control Consultants. With just one phone call we will send one of our highly trained pest technicians your way with the tools, equipment, and experience needed to quickly remove rodents for your home. 
It’s that simple, contact us today, to find your best solution to pest problems.

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