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The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Mouse Infestation In Your St. Charles Home

December 5, 2022

Mice can be cute. In fact, many people find them so cute that they adopt them from pet stores and keep them as pets. Where pet mice are friendly and entertaining, pest mice are far from these things. If you are worried about these small invasive rodents invading your home, you are in the right place. This is everything you should know about the wild mice in St. Charles and how to get rid of an active infestation. Contact Pest Control Consultants if you want to learn about our service options. Let us answer questions you have about mouse pest control in St. Charles and find a service that meets your needs.

mouse crawling on wires

Clear Signs You Have A Mouse Infestation In Your Home

The clearest sign of a mouse infestation is seeing a live mouse inside your home. These pests are, however, reclusive and do not like coming out to say hi. Keeping this in mind, it is important that you know some signs of mice to identify these pests. Here are a few to start with today.

  • The smell of urine
  • Urine stains or pillars
  • Pellets of fecal matter
  • Torn or shredded fabrics, paper, and insulation
  • Grease lines
  • Dead mice

If you do not feel comfortable checking your home for these signs or simply do not have the time, our team can do it for you. All you have to do is let us know you need a thorough rodent inspection, and we will schedule you for a visit.

You Don't Have To Touch Mice For Them To Make You Sick

Looking at mice might make you scared, but it will not cause you any real physical harm. What might cause you harm are the many disease-causing organisms these pests spread. If you didn’t know, mice are nasty little rodents. They regularly consume rotting or bacteria-ridden items and wallow through trash, muck, and other filthy areas. When inside homes, these pests rub their dirty bodies on surfaces, defecate and urine on countertops and food, and shake fleas and ticks onto carpets and other areas. This behavior might get you or your family very sick. The only way to avoid this is to avoid mice.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Mouse Infestation

In order to keep mice away from your home, you should consider asking for professional assistance. At Pest Control Consultants, we do our best to stand out above other local pest control providers. We want you to feel comfortable leaving your home’s care in our hands. For this reason, we put great effort into perfecting our pest control and people skills. If you want to feel like family, let us know if you need help. We will do everything in our power to help you remove and keep mice out of your home.

Five Simple Tips To Prevent Future Mouse Problems

After your remove mice from your home, your next step should be to put in place some exclusion strategies to keep them out in the future. Here are a few basic strategies we recommend. 

  1. Use some silicone caulk or liquid cement to fill in holes, gaps, or cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  2. Make sure all your exterior windows and doors are in good working condition.
  3. Repair damage to window/door screens.
  4. Install metal screens over out spouts for gutters and unprotected ventilation.
  5. Invest in a rodent-proof cap for your home’s chimney.

Call Pest Control Consultants today to learn more about our comprehensive home rodent control options and find the best way to combat mice in St. Charles.

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