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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your St. Charles Home

November 10, 2022

Bed bugs inflict painful bites and can cause psychological damage by depriving their hosts of sleep. If you suspect that you might have bed bugs, it is crucial that you learn how to identify them, understand why bed bug infestations only get worse with time, and find out about the many ways that they can find their way into your home. If you are struggling with a bed bug infestation, Pest Control Consultants provides pest control in St. Charles you can rely on to enjoy a good night’s sleep again and make these biting insects a thing of the past. 

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How To Identify A Bed Bug

Bed bugs are often compared to apple seeds, as they are about the same size, and have a pointy end where the head is, and a round abdomen that gets bigger after feeding. Brown in color, they also have four-part antennae and a pair of wings. Small young ones can be very hard to see, especially if they have not had a recent meal, due to their light, sometimes even translucent color.

While bed bugs can be difficult to find if you don’t know you have them, you will likely see brown smear marks on bedding, bed bug bites on you and other members of the household, mostly on the legs and ankles, or you might notice tiny white eggs as well. If you have identified bed bugs in your home, it is crucial that you take steps to exterminate them, as the infestation will only get worse with time. Our team of experts provides local pest control for bed bugs you can count on with guaranteed results.

Bed Bug Infestations Only Get Worse With Time

There are many reasons why bed bug infestations will most likely get worse with time:

  • Bed bugs multiply very quickly: Each female can lay an egg every single day, and they can reproduce quite young, making infestations grow exponentially and out of control fast.
  • Bed bugs are very hard to kill without treatments: Bed bugs have very hard exoskeletons, making them nearly impossible to crush, in addition to being very small and hard to catch in the first place.
  • Bed bugs are growing increasingly resistant to treatments: As bud bugs evolve, treatments become less effective, and it has become clear that in many cases, a combination of treatments is best to exterminate them.

Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult but not impossible. To prevent your infestation from getting worse and harder to control, contact us for a home inspection today to find out how pest control can kill bed bugs quickly, and learn how they made their way into your home in the first place.

The Many Ways Bed Bugs Can Find Their Way Into Your Home

There are many ways in which bed bugs can find their way into your home. For instance:

  • Used items: Bed bugs can come in by hitchhiking on old furniture such as couches and mattresses, used clothing, or even books.
  • Other apartments or houses: Bed bugs can come from other people’s homes, especially neighbors. Apartment buildings may need to have each unit treated to effectively get rid of bed bugs, depending on the infestation.
  • Hotel rooms: If your hotel room had bed bugs, they might have hitchhiked into your suitcase and moved into your own home upon your return.

There are many ways for bed bugs to invade new homes, and it’s not always easy to figure out why you are now dealing with an infestation. A pest control professional can inspect your property to help you understand why you have a bed bug problem, and recommend the best bed bug control techniques for your home based on your unique situation.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs 

Homemade remedies for bed bugs are unfortunately not effective, especially now that bed bugs have evolved to resist many types of treatments. This is why it is important to find the best pest control for bed bugs near you to get rid of them swiftly and effectively. The longer you wait, the more you will expose yourself and everyone in the house to painful bites and the consequences of lack of sleep.

At Pest Control Consultants, we proudly provide bed bug control in St. Charles, and have the experience needed to eliminate even stubborn bed bug infestations. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and regain control of your home as soon as possible. 

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