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The Problem With Cockroaches In Your Dixon Home

February 15, 2021

There is a reason the trash can was invented. Garbage is not something that should be left around homes. Why? Because it’s dirty. More specifically, it is a host to many bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. What you might not know is that cockroaches are a lot like walking trash cans. Just as you wouldn’t just throw trash around your home, you don’t want these pests spreading filth around your home. To help you better understand the threats roaches pose around your Dixon home, here are a few things to consider.

oriental cockroach on landscaping

Common Cockroaches Around Dixon 

Before we get into the dangers of cockroaches, let’s talk about some of the most common home-invading roaches in our area. Here in Dixon, we have three main species of roaches, German cockroaches, American cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches. Although different in size and color, all of these species have universal similarities. 
For one, cockroaches are fast and dexterous. Able to travel anywhere from one to four miles an hour, and transition from vertical walls to upside-down ceilings without breaking pace, these insects are about as mobile as pests come. In addition to being fast, cockroaches are also resistant. Unlike humans, cockroaches can withstand tremendous amounts of radiation and are even resistant to many pest control products. Even crazier than this, a roach can survive upwards of 900 times its body weight in pressure.

The Issues Cockroaches Cause

Cockroaches spread disease. There is no sugar coating this truth. With the amount of filth these pests digest, and the time they spend around greasy, dirty areas, it only makes sense that they would pick up at least a few disease-causing organisms. Roaches spread these organisms off their bodies and through their excrement. 
Do you have a respiratory problem such as asthma or allergies? If so, cockroaches are even more dangerous to you. As these pests mature and multiply, more and more of their shed skin and fecal droppings release into the air. These two things break down into irritating particulates that can cause severe reactions in certain individuals.

Why Cockroaches Are So Hard To Eliminate

Cockroaches are among the smartest and most adaptive pests around. They are resilient creatures that can remain inside your home after months of trying to get them out. At the end of the day, preventing cockroaches comes down to experience and using the right products. Unfortunately, most products that effectively deal with roaches are only available to licensed pest professionals. 

6 Prevention Tips For Cockroaches

If your home is not currently infested by cockroaches, here are six great prevention tips to keep it that way:

  1. Keep your lawn and landscaping well-maintained.
  2. Seal entry points around the exterior of your home.
  3. Deal with moisture problems such as leaky pipes, broken gutters, and high humidity indoors.
  4. Store leftover foods inside airtight containers.
  5. Pick up after your pets and clean out their bowls after every meal.
  6. Thoroughly clean your home at least once a week.

The Only Way To Eliminate Cockroaches

If you suspect your home has a cockroach problem, your best chance to get them out quickly is getting us involved. At Pest Control Consultants, we take great care in making sure homes get the undeniably best services available. 
This is why we only use advanced pest control methodology and industry-leading pest control products. Contact us today to learn more about how we treat cockroaches and have an on-going pest control program implemented for your Dixon property.

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