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What Clinton Property Owners Should Know About Termite Swarms

April 10, 2022

Did you know termites cause billions of dollars in property damage each year throughout the country? Making matters worse, the majority of this damage is not covered by property insurance coverage and results in massive “out-of-pocket” repair costs. Termites are ant-like creatures that feed on cellulose, a key component found in wood.  Are you struggling to determine how to exterminate termites? Read on to learn more.

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Clinton Pest Control

Experienced pest controllers understand what will kill termites and various best practices for preventing them from returning to your Clinton property. Keep in mind that many property owners do not detect the presence of a termite infestation until these pests have been damaging the structure for weeks or months. For this reason, immediately contacting a pest extermination professional is critical.

What Are Flying Termites?

In the spring, termites that are equipped with wings (alates) congregate in swarms as a phase of their mating ritual. Often, this is the first indication that a problem with these pests exists.

What do flying termites look like? Alates appear very similar to flying ants and may be different colors based on the individual species. How big are flying termites? Termite alates are typically between ¼ and ½ of an inch long.

What It Means If You See A Termite Swarm Around Your Property

A swarm of termites is a potential sign that these pests have invaded the premises. Other signs include noticing small sawdust-like piles, recognizing deformities in wooden structures, or increased difficulty in opening and closing doors and windows.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Make Your Property Less Attractive To Termites

Some of the best tips include:

  • Wooden parts of the structure should not have direct contact with the soil. Consider creating a thin barrier of stone or other material to prevent termite intrusions.
  • Termites often target wood that has experienced water damage; thus, promptly repair leaks and other water sources.
  • Keep trees and vegetation trimmed back away from the structure.
  • Relocate firewood storage piles away from the home.

The key to eradicating these pests begins with having a professional property inspection.

The Benefits Of Professional Termite Control For Your Property

What do flying termites look like, and what time of year am I likely to see them? Flying termites are small, winged pests that most commonly gather in swarms during the spring months. How big are flying termites compared to flying ants? Termite alates are generally about the same size as flying ants, making it challenging to distinguish the two creatures.  

Avoid the temptation to try do-it-yourself termite control products that are cleverly marketed by online retailers and in local stores. Some of these sprays, powders and other options will generate only short-term results that cannot fully eliminate the problem. Meanwhile, these creatures may continue eroding wooden parts of the structure and creating more costly needs for repair.

Licensed pest controllers are well-equipped with what will kill termites and know how to exterminate termites completely. Property owners that suspect an intrusion by termites are encouraged to immediately speak with a local pest control professional for an inspection.

Provider Of Effective Pest Control Solutions

Did you know that the professionals with Pest Control Consultants also provide industry-leading St. Charles pest treatment options for those plagued with bed bugs, rodents, mosquitoes, and many other bothersome and potentially dangerous creatures? Part of our continued success is attributed to a company-wide commitment to providing superior customer service and standing behind the quality of our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

You have likely made significant investments of time and resources toward your property; therefore, having home pest control or commercial exterminator services provided by a local expert is strongly recommended. Contact one of our representatives today for a consultation. 

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