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Why Home Remedies Don't Work When It Comes To Bed Bugs In Dekalb, IL

January 17, 2020

Problem solvers solve problems. When things go wrong around their home, they pull up Google and start asking questions. How do you fix a broken gutter? My drain is clogged; what do I do? I think I have bed bugs, can I kill them on my own? This last question may have brought you here today. The good news is, we have your answers. We know what works when it comes to treating bed bugs and what will just have you wasting your time and money. Let us break it down for you.

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How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation

Just because you are finding bites on your skin and having a hard time sleeping does not mean you have a bed bug infestation. Before you go treating your Dekalb home for bed bugs, let's make sure you have a problem in the first place. Here are some ways you can check your house for bed bugs.

Start with your mattress covers and spot check them for bloodstains. Next, remove the blankets and sheets until your mattress is bare. Flip it upside down, and check the seams for bed bugs and dots of reddish-black fecal matter. If you have a boxspring, flip that next and inspect it as well.

After inspecting your bed, inspect the rest of your room. Inspect for fecal matter along baseboards and door lining and check around outlets and lighting fixtures.

Finally, investigate the cracks and crevices around your room for tiny white eggs and live bed bugs.

Another sign that gives bed bugs away is the bites on your skin. These will show up as multiple bites in a row, usually in a straight line or zig-zag pattern. You should know that not everyone reacts the same to bed bug bites, and some individuals don't react at all.

Do Essential Oils Work For Bed Bugs?

There are indeed many scents that bed bugs do not like, such as peppermint, cayenne, alcohol, and lavender. The only problem with using these scents to treat bed bugs is that they will not effectively kill them, and the scents won't work forever. Essential oils fade fast, and the amount you would have to use would cost you a fortune over time. Plus, if bed bugs don't like the smell of your room, they can hide in your walls without a meal for up to five months, or just find another sleeping person in a different room to feed on.

Can I Spray For Bed Bugs?

Many store-bought pest control products claim to deal with bed bugs. The problem is, these products have dangerous chemicals. When misused, this can put you, your family, and your pets at risk. Also, as we mentioned earlier, bed bugs can hide in places you cannot treat for months at a time. If even a few bugs escape your treatments, they will return once it has lost its effect.

How You Can Deal With Bed Bugs

As we have already established, it is not easy to adequately treat for bed bugs. There are, however, some things you can do to fight back if they've managed to get inside.

  • Wash all clothing on a high heat setting to kill hiding bed bugs.
  • Steam your furniture, luggage, and mattresses.
  • Vacuum your bed and bedroom area frequently and empty the vacuum outside in a sealed bag.

To prevent bed bugs in the first place, keep your eye out for them when on vacation or when running errands. If you can spot them before they hitch a ride inside, you can keep them out of your home.

What To Do When Bed Bugs Get In

The only real way to completely get bed bugs out of your home is with professional help. Your best way to do that is with services from Pest Control Consultants. Our experts have the tools and methods needed to treat for bed bugs, leaving them with no room to escape. In fact, our bed bug treatments have a 98% success rate, and on the off chance you fall into the 2%, just give us a call, and we will return and retreat for free.

It doesn't get better than this. Give us a call today to schedule a service visit for your Dekalb home.

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