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an american cockroach in a kitchen

The Benefits Of On-Going Professional Pest Control For Your Dekalb Home

August 14, 2020

 Do pests keep saying hi to you around your Dekalb home? They might not mean you any harm, but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Whether you are dealing with cockroaches in your bathroom, ants in your kitchen, or centipedes in your basement, we have a proposition for you. We think your life would be better with professional on-going pest control services. Here are some reasons why.... Read More

a house centipede crawling on a bathroom shower

Are Centipedes In Dixon Dangerous?

July 16, 2020

There are many different pests you might find crawling or flying around your Dixon home or business. While some of these pests might seem very familiar to you, such as flies or ants, there are some pests you might know as much about.... Read More

a colony of termites infesting wood

8 Signs Your Sycamore Home Has A Termite Problem

May 13, 2020

It can be easy to feel like your home is an impenetrable fortress. If people can’t break-in, nothing else can, right? Unfortunately, there is one pest that is not only breaking into homes but destroying them from the inside out. We are talking about termites.... Read More

termites chewing on wood

Facts About Termites In St. Charles Worth Knowing

February 18, 2020

Despite being beneficial insects out in the wild, termites can be a major problem for homeowners with homes that are made primarily out of wood, (which is pretty much every home). If you have never heard about these destructive pests, here's your chance to learn.... Read More

close up of a bed bug on a sheet

Why Home Remedies Don't Work When It Comes To Bed Bugs In Dekalb, IL

January 17, 2020

Problem solvers solve problems. When things go wrong around their home, they pull up Google and start asking questions. How do you fix a broken gutter? My drain is clogged; what do I do? I think I have bed bugs, can I kill them on my own? This last question may have brought you here today. The good news is, we have your answers. ... Read More

a house mouse feasting on scraps in a dixon illinois kitchen

St. Charles' Complete Guide To Winter Rodent Control    

December 16, 2019

Many preparations have to be made before winter comes into full swing here in St. Charles. Winter clothing must be taken out of storage, leaves must be removed from yards, and homes have to be prepared for winter invaders. No, we are not talking about human burglars, but rather unwanted guests of the rodent persuasion. ... Read More

a cockroach crawlong along the edge of a platter in a dixon kitchen

Guide to Removing Cockroaches from Your St. Charles Home

November 15, 2019

Cockroaches are some of the hardest pests to deal with in a home. Some cockroaches are over 2 inches long! And some species of Cockroaches can fly. So how do you know if you are dealing with a cockroach or some other pest, and, if they are cockroaches, how do you get rid of them? ... Read More

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