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Trusted Pest Control Services In Camanche, IA

Camanche, located in Clinton County, is a beautiful town on the Mississippi River. It is known for its scenic views, recreational activities, and historic sites. Its residents enjoy a wealth of activities, from enjoying the outdoors at the Camanche South Shore Recreational Area to visiting the exhibits at the Camanche Area Historical Society Museum.

The sight of the beautiful sunsets over the Mississippi River is enough to understand why many people call the town home, and Camanche is great for raising families in a friendly and welcoming community. However, it is also an area where many pests thrive, including potentially dangerous ones like mosquitoes and wood-destroying insects.

If you are dealing with infestations, Pest Control Consultants is your go-to source for effective pest control in Camanche. Call us today to learn more about our safe but result-driven services, special deals, and guarantees.

Home Pest Control In Camanche, IA

camanche ia home pest control

When pests start taking over, working with a trusted, experienced, and family-owned company that puts your safety at the forefront of treatments is essential. Invaders like cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and more, can threaten your household in many ways, from spreading dangerous pathogens to destroying the wooden structure of your home.

At Pest Control Consultants, our pest control strategy involves various stages starting with a thorough home inspection to determine why you are dealing with an infestation, including spotting entry points, moisture problems, and more. Then, we will recommend treatment plans that work for you that we have designed keeping your concerns in mind.

Call us to request an inspection, find out more about our residential pest control options, and get started with Pest Control Consultants today.

Commercial Pest Control In Camanche, IA

Commercial properties are often at risk of pest infestations for many reasons, but it is essential to eliminate them quickly before they can tarnish your business's reputation. Keeping pests out is critical to keeping your employees safe and ensuring your customers return.

Disease-spreading mosquitoes can cause painful bites, termites can significantly damage wooden structures and inventory, and rodents and other scavengers can contaminate food supplies and transmit dangerous pathogens. If you see one, you are likely to have many more in hiding, making it crucial to get started with pest control strategies that work. 

Call us today to learn more about how our commercial pest control services can help. Our experts offer customized pest control solutions, same-day service, one-time visits, year-round plans, and confidential treatments designed to minimize any downtime in your activities. 

Are DIY Termite Control Methods Effective In Camanche?

Unfortunately, DIY termite control is rarely effective enough. Professional pest control specialists have an advantage for many reasons, including the following:

  • Professional treatments: The more advanced and effective methods used by professionals are more likely to reach the entire infestation and take care of it entirely. Treating only visible termites without eliminating the queen will do little in the long run.
  • Proper identification: Different termites will require different treatments. You can't treat subterranean ones the way you would drywood species. Using inappropriate products can cause your infestation to grow bigger.
  • Thorough inspections: Treating an infestation is only part of the strategy. It is essential to address the problem's underlying causes, like moisture issues, entry points, wood rot, wood-to-soil contact, and more.
  • Guarantees: DIY treatments can end up very costly if you spend a lot of time and money on products that are not making a dent in your termite problem. Our services come with a one-year guarantee that is renewable and transferable for your peace of mind.

The best way to get rid of house termites is to work with a professional pest control company. Contact us today to discover how you can have a termite-free home year-round using Termidor® liquid treatments, pheromone treatments, in-ground termite baiting and monitoring, Boracare treatments, and more.

What Is Expected From Disinfection Services In Camanche?

At Pest Control Consultants, we offer disinfection services in Camanche in addition to pest control to keep your household safe from bacterial and viral infections, including COVID-19, various types of flu, salmonella, hepatitis, and more.

Our services are safe for plastic, glass, and other non-porous surfaces and will replace odor-causing bacteria with a pleasant citrus scent. Sanitizing and disinfecting can be challenging, but our licensed and professional service members can apply products safely and effectively. 

From homes to commercial properties, including elevators, we have the tools needed to keep you safe from a wide variety of germs. Call us today to get a free quote and discover how we can eliminate viruses and bacteria with EPA-approved products. 

Keeping homes and commercial properties safe from pests, bacteria, and viruses can be challenging. At Pest Control Consultants, we have a proven track record in eliminating these threats with teamwork and service-oriented solutions. Call us today to find out more and schedule your first inspection.

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Camanche Home

Bed bugs will do nearly anything they need to in order to get into your Camanche home. They are parasites, so bed bugs will latch onto any host that they find and go for a free ride. Sometimes this means they attach to your personal belongings, while other times it means that they invade used couches that you might bring into your home. Because they tend to live in places where you wouldn’t think to look, it’s important to know the signs of an infestation. Those include:

  • Rust-colored staining on your sheets, mattresses, pillows, and blankets that are from bed bugs getting crushed
  • Waking up with clusters of small, red bites that you don’t remember getting
  • A strong, moldy smell that you can’t place or identify where it originated
  • Finding bed bugs' shed body parts, skin, fecal matter, or eggs in places such as dresser drawers and mattress linings

At Pest Control Consultants, we are the area’s trusted bed bug experts. Our process starts with a complete home inspection so that we can understand the extent of your infestation and find its source. Once we’ve determined this information, we’ll provide you with a brief preparation checklist so that we can provide the best service possible. From there, we’ll use a liquid treatment to address all of the hard-to-reach-areas, and we’ll also steam treat your mattresses. We then return two weeks later to re-inspect your home and perform any re-treatments that are necessary. For more information on residential bed bug control, call us today. 

All The Places Mosquitoes Like To Lay Eggs Around Your Camanche Yard

Each spring, mosquitoes start to loiter around Camanche properties like yours and will stay around throughout the early days of fall. During this time, the females are looking for people to nibble on so that they have the blood that they need in order to lay their eggs. While you can’t always see them, these egg sacs are being laid around your property. Some of the sneaky areas where they’ll hide include:

  • Birdbaths
  • Kiddie pools
  • Your pet’s water bowl
  • Tires
  • Leaf piles
  • Buckets
  • Flower pots
  • Piles of leaves, sticks, and other yard debris
  • Overgrown hedges
  • Around moist mulch beds
  • In water puddles in your driveway
  • Children's play sets

At Pest Control Consultants, we provide the services that you need in order to enjoy your yard once again. We know how tenacious mosquitoes can be and that professional intervention is the best way to achieve a pest-free yard.

We will always begin with a complete property inspection, which tells our technicians where mosquitoes are living and laying their eggs. We also use this time to make recommendations on any landscaping modifications that you can make to further deter mosquitoes. Our services follow the methods of Integrated Pest Management, so they are designed to be safe and comprehensive. Next, we’ll use our backpack misting system to create a broad barrier around your yard. You can either receive these services on a monthly basis during the season or as a one-time option for special occasions. For more information on mosquito control, please call us today. 

Five Naturally Effective Tips To Prevent Roaches In The Camanche Home

Cockroaches are a potentially harmful pest to have around your Camanche home. Not only are they often responsible for attracting many other types of pests, such as spiders, but they are also associated with a number of health risks. In order to keep hazardous pathogens out of your home, try these five helpful tips:

  1. Keep food properly stored. Start by storing all food items in sealed containers. This includes leftovers, snacks, and baking materials. It’s also crucial to not leave food on the counter.
  2. Fix moisture problems. One thing that cockroaches cannot live without is water. To deter them, fix leaky faucets and fixtures, and make sure that there is no excess moisture beneath your sinks.
  3. Be neat and tidy. Because cockroaches are scavengers, they will eat anything and they also thrive in cluttered areas. To deter them, limit eating food to one room of the house, vacuum up crumbs, and clean your home on a regular basis. You’ll also want to eliminate any excess piles of old papers.
  4. Seal off all openings. Cockroaches are able to use many of the entry points that they’ll find around your foundation, so try to seal them all off with silicone-based caulk. You will also want to place weatherstripping around doors and windows that are loose, replace window screens with tears, and opt for door sweeps if you need them. It’s also important to inspect packages before bringing them inside, as cockroaches can invade them.
  5. Work with a professional. The most effective and safest way to address cockroach prevention or to eliminate an infestation is with the help of a trusted local pest expert.

For more information on cockroach control, call Pest Control Consultants today. 

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Dangerous Spiders Around Your Camanche Home

Living in Camanche potentially puts you in harm's way due to the presence of dangerous spiders such as black widows and brown recluses. While these spiders don’t necessarily go looking for human interaction, if they feel that you are a threat, they may deliver one of their venomous bites. These spiders usually hide in basements, closets, attics, underneath porches, and amidst clutter in your yard. The brown recluses are hunting spiders so it’s fairly easy to come into contact with them. These pests are also largely attracted to the presence of other pests, so keeping them away can be a challenge. 

Rather than attempt to solve these situations on your own, consider professional help from Pest Control Consultants. Our Home Protection Plan is the most effective way to deal with harmful spiders and the pests that lure them. We operate this program on a quarterly basis and use only eco-friendly products when treating both the interior and exterior of your home.

All of our services are centered around the principles of Integrated Pest Management as well. What this means for your home is understanding the root cause of spider problems so that we can keep them away in a sustainable fashion. The protective barrier that we regularly tend to will work to deter a broad range of other pests in addition to spiders. And if any of these pests reappear between our visits, we’ll return for no-cost re-services. For more information on spider control, please call us today. 


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