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Professional Pest Control Solutions In DeKalb, Illinois

Residents in cities all over Illinois, including in DeKalb, must figure out a solution to problems that happen in their communities. One of the problems that is universal among residents across the country happens to be problems caused by pest invasions. No matter whether your DeKalb property is facing the repercussions of mice, termites, or cockroaches, pest infestations are not beneficial to the homes and businesses of our county. When pests invade your residential or commercial space this year, trust the pest technicians here at Pest Control Consultants to fulfill the needs of your DeKalb property. Our certified pest professionals have been serving Illinois residents with effective pest control methods and treatments for several years. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. For effective pest management for your property, give us a call at PCC!

Residential Pest Control In DeKalb, IL

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Depending on where you live in the United States, there may be a few differences in the types of pest invaders you face, when you face them, and how long you face them. No matter where you live, however, there will always be pests that will try to invade your beautiful DeKalb home, and those pests can prove to be difficult to handle, especially when they contaminate your counters and surfaces, damage your belongings, and get into your food items.

Homeowners here in DeKalb, Illinois face adversity from a wide variety of common Illinois pests including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, termites, and more. In order to eliminate these intruders from your home and prevent them from returning, it is absolutely crucial for you to implement a professional home pest control service from your local pest control professionals.

When you hand over your worries to the qualified pest control professionals here at Pest Control Consultants, you can rest peacefully knowing that your family will be protected from pests and that your property will remain pest-free!

Common Spiders Found In DeKalb, Illinois

Finding a spider infestation in your home or business is never something you want to deal with. However, it is the unfortunate reality that we will always run into problems we must eventually find solutions for. When it comes to spiders, the first step in handling a problem is to understand the type of spider you may be facing.
Here are a few of the most common types of spiders you may find in your DeKalb home or business:

  • Black widow spiders

  • Funnel web spiders

  • Brown spiders

  • Wolf spiders

  • Crab spiders

  • Jumping spiders

  • Orb weaver spiders

  • Brown recluse spiders

While all but two of these spiders will not pose a significant threat to you or your family, it is always important to contact a professional pest control provider for help with your spider problems. Pest Control Consultants provides quality spider prevention and treatments, so reach out for help to achieve a spider-free property!

Commercial Pest Control In DeKalb, Illinois

Keeping your DeKalb business up and running efficiently can be understandably frustrating at times. After all, you must ensure the quality of the products or services you are providing, manage other people, keep track of what you spend each year, and complete a plethora of other tasks on a daily basis. If pests infest your DeKalb business, each and every one of the other everyday tasks you must accomplish becomes a whole lot harder. Products may be contaminated, damaged, or destroyed, customers may turn away from your company, and diseases could break out among your employees. However, with an effective commercial pest control plan from PCC in action, your commercial property can be protected from pest problems year-round. Allow the pest technicians here at PCC to take care of your rodent, spider, or bed bug infestation this year, so you can focus on the tasks that matter.

Protect Your DeKalb, Illinois Property From Termites

It’s almost a certainty that you’ve heard about the damage that termite colonies are capable of inflicting on unprotected properties every year. With over $5 billion of property damages caused by these destructive pests every year into repairs due to termite damage each year, termites take first place as the most damaging species of wood-destroying insect.

To keep termites from munching on your residential or commercial building this season, keep the following termite prevention tips in mind:

  • Try to reduce areas where wooden components of your property directly meet the soil.

  • Keep firewood stored away from the exterior walls of your property.

  • Contact pest control at the first sign of a termite infestation.

  • Remove logs, stumps, and other natural wooden elements from your property.

  • Reduce moisture, where possible, by repairing leaking fixtures, removing water-logged pieces of wood, and getting rid of standing water on your property.

The only surefire way to eliminate termites on your property and prevent them from returning in the future is with effective termite treatment. For quality products and methods of termite treatment, contact the pest experts here at Pest Control Consultants!


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