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Trusted Pest Control Services In South Elgin, IL

There are many pests that like to invade residential and commercial properties in our area. Ants, cockroaches, mice, spiders, termites, and wasps are just a few of the pests that can invade your property and cause unneeded stress and frustration. Don’t leave the protection of your South Elgin home or business in the hands of amateurs. Instead, turn to the licensed pest technicians here at Pest Control Consultants for complete pest control solutions, year-round. We have over three generations of experience in the pest control industry, which means you can trust us to cover all your residential or commercial pest control needs. Reach out to us today for everything from general pest control services to specialized treatments. 

Home Pest Control In South Elgin, IL

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It’s hard to feel safe in your South Elgin home when you know that pests are living in it with you. When you turn to Pest Control Consultants with your residential pest control needs, you can trust that we’ll provide an effective answer to your pest problems. Whether you need our full-coverage Preferred Protection plan or more generalized pest treatments, we’re ready to help. We understand how frustrating it is to deal with pests, which is why we offer three different home pest control plans that will protect your property from all kinds of common pests. Get in touch with the pest experts here at Pest Control Consultants today for more information about our residential pest control plans.

Commercial Pest Control In South Elgin, IL

Owning a business here in South Elgin comes with many benefits. However, when pests manage to invade your commercial property, they have the potential to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Pests can damage property, spread harmful bacteria, and ruin your reputation. At Pest Control Consultants, we take care of pest problems so you can focus on the needs of your South Elgin business. With our pest professionals by your side, you can keep pests away from your warehouse, restaurant, retail store, or other business, all year long. We offer customizable commercial pest control programs to ensure all of your pest control needs are met. To learn more about all of our commercial pest control solutions, give us a call today.

Common Spiders Found In South Elgin, IL

Spiders are creepy pests that invade South Elgin properties while searching for their insect prey. Most spiders are attracted to properties with existing insect pest problems. There are about 3,000 identifiable spider species in North America, but only a few of them are known to invade residential and commercial properties. Although there are about 500 unique spider species in Illinois, you won’t find most of them in your home or business on a regular basis. The most common property-invading spiders in our area include:

  • Wolf spiders

  • Orb-weaver spiders

  • Jumping spiders

  • Crab spiders

  • Cellar spiders

  • Sac spiders

  • Brown recluse spiders

  • Black widow spiders

It’s important to understand that some spider species are dangerous, such as the brown recluse and black widow. The best way to avoid finding spiders in your South Elgin home or business is with spider control services from Pest Control Consultants. We are dedicated to providing effective pest control services you can trust. To learn more about our spider control services, reach out to Pest Control Consultants today.

Who Else In South Elgin, IL Wants To Avoid Bed Bugs?

No matter where you live, there’s a high probability that bed bugs live in your area. Bed bugs can be found in all 50 states due to their ability to survive through both high and low temperatures. These annoying pests are known to invade homes and businesses all over Illinois, and South Elgin is no exception. Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals, though they seem to strongly prefer human blood. Unlike other pests, bed bugs need your help in order to invade your property. Bed bugs are considered hitchhiking pests, which means they only invade South Elgin homes and businesses by hitching rides on luggage, bags, clothes, and belongings. The best way to avoid bed bugs is to take precautionary steps every time you travel. Bed bugs are most common in public areas, such as hotels/motels, airports, libraries, and lobbies. Avoid bringing bed bugs to your property with these bed bug prevention tips:

  • Don’t set down your bags and belongings on the floors of public locations.

  • Inspect your hotel or motel room thoroughly before spending the night.

  • Keep your belongings away from other people’s belongings.

  • Avoid bringing used furniture and mattresses into your home.

  • Vacuum your carpets, rugs, and furniture on a regular basis.

  • Watch out for signs of bed bug activity, such as tiny white eggs, bloodstains, and rows of bite marks on your skin. 

Bed bug infestations are difficult to prevent and nearly impossible to get rid of without professional help. Pest Control Consultants provides effective bed bug treatments to control and eliminate bed bugs in your South Elgin home or business. Give us a call today to get started!


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