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8 Signs Your Sycamore Home Has A Termite Problem

May 13, 2020

It can be easy to feel like your home is an impenetrable fortress. If people can’t break-in, nothing else can, right? Unfortunately, there is one pest that is not only breaking into homes but destroying them from the inside out. We are talking about termites. If you have not heard about these tiny but destructive insects or aren’t aware of how to spot them, we have just what you need. Here are 8 signs you can use to identify a termite problem inside your Sycamore home.

a colony of termites infesting wood

Termite Sign Number One: Mud Tubes Crawling Up Your Exterior Foundation

Mud tubes are used by termites to cross from exterior soil around your home to your home’s structural wood. This sign is most commonly seen crawling up cement or stone foundations.

Termite Sign Number Two: Drooping Or Discolored Drywall

When termites tunnel their way through homes, they weaken structural integrity over time. One of the signs of this is drooping or discolored drywall. This sign is mostly the result of water damage caused by termites.

Termite Sign Number Three: Hollow Sounding Timber

Termites prefer to stay hidden deep within wood and are liable to dry up and die when out in the elements. Over time, wood that termites have infested can become severely hollowed out to the point where it can sound hollow just from a few taps.

Termite Sign Number Four: Pinholes In Wood

Termites use holes dug out of wood to control their environment within. Think of it as a complex heating and cooling system. These holes can be spotted if you look hard enough. The best places to look for these holes are within wood that appears water damaged, rotting, or decaying.

Termite Sign Number Five: Soft Clicking Noises

Although termites are very quiet pests, they aren’t entirely silent. If you place your ear up to a wall they are currently consuming you can hear them. The sound they emit sounds a lot like soft clicking. This is the sound of their tiny but strong mandibles tearing apart wood that they will then use to feed their colonies.

Termite Sign Number Six: Piles Of Discarded Wings

At least once a year termites colonies will do something called swarming. During this time winged termites will leave their colonies and look for new places to build a nest. When inside homes swarmers often leave behind piles of their discarded wings. These wings can be used as yet another sign of a termite infestation.

Termite Sign Number 7: Tight-Fitting Doors And Windows

As termites hollow out and damage the wood of homes, certain structural problems tend to occur. One of these problems is tight-fitting doors and windows. If you are finding it more difficult to open and close doors and windows around your home, there is a chance termites are the reason.

Termite Sign Number 8: Overly Squeaky Floorboards And Stairs

When termites eat away at support beams beneath floors and staircases, one thing tends to happen. They start getting squeaky. If floors and stairs feel uneven, or begin to squeak around your home, there is a chance termites are the cause.

What To Do If You Suspect Your Home Has Termites

If you suspect your home is up against an active termite infestation there is really only one thing you can do, and that is to get the professionals involved. Here at Pest Control Consultants, one of our specialties is treating for termites. Whether you are looking for a way to eliminate a current termite problem or searching for a long term solution to ensure termites stay out of your Sycamore home, we have your options here.
Reach out to us today if you would like to have your home and property inspected for termites.

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