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Learn More About The Common Insects & Rodents Found In Illinois

Do you want to learn more about the pests you’ve discovered around your property? Our pest resource guide will help you find all of the information you need to identify the most common pests found in DeKalb, Dixon, St. Charles, Sycamore, and other areas of northern Illinois, and prevent problems with these damaging and dangerous pests.


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termites swarming around outdoor light at night

What Every Dixon Homeowner Ought To Know About Termite Swarmers

March 16, 2020

Many homes are built with termite prevention in mind. Florida has termites so badly,  most of their homes aren’t even build with wood. Here in Dixon, however, our homes are mainly made out of wood, and if you are not careful, yours could be on the menu this termite season.... Read More

termites chewing on wood

What Every St. Charles Homeowner Ought To Know About Termites

February 18, 2020

The words “pest” and “eats wood” do not seem like they should go together. But when it comes to termites, these words are perfect descriptors. Despite being beneficial insects out in the wild, termites can be a major problem for homeowners with homes that are made primarily out of wood, (and most homes are made primarily out of wood). ... Read More


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