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Bed Bug Control In St. Charles, IL


The Bed Bugs Are Back, But We Can Help!

It would be nice if bed bugs were a thing of the past, but they’ve actually made a big comeback in recent years and are an increasing problem here in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. These parasitic pests are excellent hitchhikers, moving from place to place by hiding on or inside people’s clothing, bags, and luggage. And by doing this, these pests are often carried right into our homes without us even knowing it! If you suspect that you're dealing with a bed bug infestation in your home or business, don't wait. Bed bugs can multiply very quickly, so a small infestation can quickly become a major problem. Therefore, the sooner you reach out to a St. Charles pest control professional for assistance, the easier it will be to eliminate them!

Our Bed Bug Control Process

a bed bug crawling on a human arm in st charles illinois

Thorough Bed Bug Inspections

When you reach out to us at Pest Control Consultants to handle your bed bug problem, we’ll start by performing a thorough inspection of your home or business. During this inspection, our technicians will locate any areas of bed bug activity on your property and figure out how widespread your infestation has become so we can determine the best course of treatment. Once this inspection has been completed, we’ll recommend a customized treatment option that we feel will work best to meet your particular bed bug control needs.

Bed Bug Preparation 

Before our bed bug control treatment can be applied, we'll provide you with a pre-treatment bed bug checklist. Everything on this checklist must be completed before we can begin the treatment process for your home or business.  Click here to view the pre-treatment checklist.

Bed Bug Control Treatments

During treatment, we'll apply a liquid bed bug treatment to certain areas of your home or business. At Pest Control Consultants, we use Temprid SC for our bed bug treatments and achieve a 98% success rate in eliminating bed bug infestations. This treatment option works to eliminate bed bugs in all stages of development, from eggs to adults. Temprid also provides up to six months of residual protection, making it effective at eliminating even the bed bugs that may remain hidden away at the time of treatment.

We'll also steam treat mattresses and box springs to eliminate any bugs hiding on beds and perform a dust treatment in wall voids and around the perimeter of the room(s).

Follow-Up Bed Bug Treatments

Within two weeks of the initial bed bug control service, we'll return to inspect for bed bugs at no charge.  Based on our findings, we may recommend a second treatment.

Professional Bed Bug Control Treatments You Can Trust!

Discovering bed bugs in your home or business can be unsettling, to say the least. But with bed bug control services from Pest Control Consultants, you’ll know you’re getting the best treatments available to eliminate your bed bug infestation. Our friendly, licensed bed bug specialists provide bed bug control services to properties in DeKalb, Dixon, St. Charles, Sycamore, and beyond. To schedule your bed bug inspection or to get started with our residential pest control and commercial exterminator services, reach out to us at Pest Control Consultants today!


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