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Trusted Pest Control Services In Delavan, WI

Delavan is 45 miles southwest of Milwaukee and 21 miles from the Wisconsin-Illinois border. The small town contains Comus Lake and borders Delavan Lake, providing water-related outdoor recreation for residents. The brick-layed downtown streets feature shopping, dining, and murals, making Delavan one of the most enjoyable small towns in the state.

The lakes and trees provide scenic views and outdoor activities popular with Delavan residents but attract pests. Animals find food, water, and shelter in the community, sometimes on developed properties. They invade homes and businesses for more options, causing problems while inside. Delavan, WI, pest control professionals are needed to prevent these intrusions.

The experts at PCC know the pests that infest Delavan properties and how to keep them away. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to handle pests while protecting your health.

Home Pest Control In Delavan, WI

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Delavan is among the safest towns for Wisconsin residents, providing peace and comfort. The area’s pests are possibly the biggest threats to homeowners, invading structures for food and shelter. They reside in hard-to-see spaces, hiding from residents while causing health and safety threats. PCC provides home pest control in Delavan, WI, to prevent these problems.

You can call to inform us of your infestation, or we can inspect your property to identify the intruders. Our comprehensive year-round plan enables us to arrive quarterly to prepare you for the upcoming season, starting with controlling your infestation and following up 30 to 45 days later to break the egg cycle. Our technicians can handle general pests or specific problems, like carpenter ants and bed bugs.

Our service includes a quality guarantee, and we offer confidential bed bug consultations, helping you eliminate the pests without others knowing about your infestation. Call us to keep Delavan pests out of your house.

Commercial Pest Control In Delavan, WI

Delavan businesses are the backbone of the community, providing essential goods and services to residents. Pests threaten establishments by entering through tiny entry points, causing damage and spreading illnesses while inside. They can hinder your operations and impact your reputation by appearing and making people sick.

Commercial pest control in Delavan, WI, is essential to a business’s success, and PCC is the trusted expert. Our confidential consultations prevent your pest problem from becoming public and protect your reputation. We use liquid treatments to eliminate pests inside your facility and create a barrier to prevent others from invading.

Recurring protection is the key to a pest-free building, so we provide year-round inspections and treatments. Let us know if you need help keeping pests out of your Delavan facility.

Professional Disinfection Services In Delavan

Most people think effective pest control is limited to removing animals. However, these intruders carry pathogens into buildings and leave waste in their hiding spots. Even if you remove the pests, they leave health threats that can cause illnesses.

Cleaning infested parts of your structure is a good start, but removing all pathogens in your building is hard. For this reason, professional disinfection services are necessary when you suffer a pest infestation. Some of the illnesses professionals can prevent by disinfecting your property include:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Tularemia
  • Chikungunya
  • Ehrlichiosis

At PCC, we use a combination of disinfectant, sanitizer, and virucide to eliminate every trace of bacteria and pathogens left by intruders. Our products eliminate viruses and bacteria on metal, glass, plastic, and other surfaces. We can also deodorize your building, eradicating undesirable odors these creatures leave behind.

We provide one-time services or can return weekly to disinfect your structure for long-term protection. Contact us if you need professional disinfection services for your home or business.

How To Reduce Your Risk For Termites In Delavan

Termites are destructive pests on Delavan properties. They live in your soil, enter your home through tiny entry points, and eat your wood from the inside out. These habits enable them to remain hidden from residents for months or years while causing damage. By the time you recognize the infestation, they might have impacted the structural integrity of your house.

Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your risk of termite infestations. These insects are attracted to wood and water, digging through soil underground to reach your foundation. Tips to keep termites out of your Delavan home include:

  • Direct water away from your foundation.
  • Store your wood piles at least 20 feet away from your home.
  • Keep wood and soil separate.
  • Repair leaks in your house.

Our termite control services at PCC begin with an inspection to determine vulnerabilities and the extent of your problem. We use Termidor® liquid bait, Boracare, and in-ground baiting treatments to remove termites and keep them away. We can also provide the wood-destroying insect reports necessary for buying, selling, or refinancing a home.

Termites can cause extensive damage when they invade Delavan homes and businesses, but we can keep them out. Give us a call to protect your property from these destructive pests.


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