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Guaranteed, Experienced Pest Control Services In Hinckley, IL

The peaceful streets of Hinckley, IL, are filled with charming old houses and good neighbors. We’re lucky to call it home. Do you know who else likes it here? Nuisance pests. There are so many pest-attractants on your Hinckley property that infestation is unfortunately a likely possibility. Your best protection from the dangers of pest activity is regular pest services from the professionals. That’s where we come in, welcome to Pest Control Consultants.
Pest Control Consultants is a family-owned business that offers the finest residential and commercial pest control solutions in the area. We service homes and businesses throughout all of Squaw Grove Township, DeKalb County, and surrounding communities across Northern Illinois. Since 2000, we’ve been providing unmatched pest protection, covering all kinds of properties from common Illinois pests, such as:

  • Ants

  • Bed Bugs

  • Cockroaches

  • Fleas & Ticks

  • Mosquitoes

  • Occasional Invaders

  • Rodents

  • Spiders

  • Stinging Insects

  • Termites

With locations in Dixon, DeKalb, and St. Charles, our pest professionals are always ready to help. We currently service over 3,500 satisfied customers who rely on our pest-free guarantee to protect their property. Our technicians use expert IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies including interior and exterior treatments and perimeter defense. We also offer same-day services for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Residential Pest Control In Hinckley, IL

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Hinckley is a charming place to own a house and build a life. However, nuisance pests also want to make a home on your property and that’s why you need professional pest protection. You can count on our residential pest control services to protect your home from the dangers of pest infestation. All of our treatment plans are specifically developed to meet your needs, and we always customize our solutions to fit your property.
Guardian Protection Plan

  • Covers over 40 common home-invading pests

  • Four service visits per year

  • Interior guarantee

  • Exterior perimeter pest defense

  • Insect protection

  • Exterior web and nest removal

Guardian Advanced Protection Plan

  • Covers over 45 common home-invading pests

  • Guardian Protection Plan services +

  • Rodent bait stations

Preferred Protection Plan

  • Covers over 50 common home-invading pests

  • Guardian Advanced Protection Plan services +

  • Five tick and mosquito treatments between May & September

  • Yellow jacket ground nest warranty

  • Interior flea warranty

Give us a call to get your complimentary inspection on the calendar. Our 100% service guarantee promises lasting results that you can rely on. Should pest activity return between service visits, we’ll come back to deal with the situation at no additional charge.

Commercial Pest Control In Hinckley, IL

Owning a business in the Chicagoland areas means there’s a lot of competition. Your reputation means everything, and that’s why you need to protect it at all costs. Pest infestation threatens your good name and your best protection is regular pest control services from the professionals. Pest Control Consultants offers comprehensive commercial pest solutions to a variety of businesses and facilities, such as:

  • Hospitality

  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

  • Industrial Complexes

  • Property Management

  • Restaurants & Food Service

  • Schools & Educational Facilities

Whether you’re currently dealing with a pest situation, or you want to be proactive about prevention, we’ve got you covered. After a thorough inspection, we determine any existing pest activity and conducive conditions and come up with a fitting treatment plan to guarantee pest-free living moving forward. We will put in place the necessary modifications and controls to protect you year-round. Call us today.

Guide To Protecting Your Hinckley, IL Property From Termite Damage

Termites are small, sure, but they’re a big problem. They eat away at wood and threaten the structural timbers of your home. Termite infestations can be extremely costly, not to mention threatening to your health and safety. In order to prevent termite activity, try the following:

  • Avoid any wood-to-soil contact.

  • Use weather stripping for all doors and windows.

  • Eliminate excess moisture around the property.

  • Keep downspouts extended away from the structure.

  • Repair leaky faucets and faulty pipes.

  • Install a dehumidifier in moisture-rich areas.

  • Use vent fans in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

  • Eliminate rotting or moisture-damaged wood.

  • Inspect all wood before bringing onto your property.

  • Fix rotten areas of the roof to prevent entry.

  • Keep woodpiles away from the perimeter.

These tips can prove helpful in the proactive prevention of termites, but none of them are 100% effective. The safest protection that you have is professional termite control and prevention services. Call Pest Control Consultants for the most dependable pest control in town.

Helpful Tips To Keep Mice Out Of Your Hinckley, IL Home

Mice, ew! No one likes them, but they are a reality, and you need to be vigilant about protecting your property. Rodent infestation can have a lot of negative consequences, here are some useful tips to prevent them:

  • Block off entry points.

  • Seal up cracks and crevices.

  • Eliminate access to food sources.

  • Keep trash in a tightly sealed metal container.

  • Store all food in gnaw-proof containers.

  • Wipe up spills and crumbs.

  • Eliminate clutter and vacuum regularly.

  • Fix leaky pipes and faulty faucets.

  • Reduce excess moisture and water sources.

  • Remove woodpiles and yard debris.

Somehow, even after all that, mice may manage to squeeze into the tiniest openings and you never know where they may find access. It's imperative to protect your Hinckley property from the presence of mice. Let us help. Call us today to set up an initial service visit.


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