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5 Tips For Keeping Your St. Charles, Illinois Property Ant-Free In Summer

June 17, 2019

a big black ant crawling on a vibrant green leaf in an illinous yard

How much trouble do ants cause around your St. Charles home in the summertime? Do you find them in your kitchen trying to steal scraps while you’re making food? What about in your yard? Is it hard to host outdoor gatherings without ants trying to join the party? No matter what ways ants are causing trouble for you and your family in and around your home, we would like to help you find a solution to keep these scavenging frustrations away this summer.

Why Ants Are invading and Factors That Make Them Hard To Stop

Have you ever wondered why you hardly see ants during the wintertime? We assure you, they aren’t getting on planes and vacationing in the South. So where do they go? You see, when the weather gets colder, ants don’t go anywhere but rather hunker down to stay warm enough to survive the colder months. This is called hibernation. Once the weather heats up, ants reemerge. Then as the weather continues to heat up, ants reach full productivity. In fact, this is happening right about now in summer.

The thing that makes them so difficult to stop is their ability to work together. As pests go, ants work extremely well together as a team, with each member doing their part. If there is a way into your home and sources of food for ants to scavenge, you can be sure they will find them and not stop foraging until every scrap they can find is gathered.

Our 5 Tips To Keep Ants Away

Now that you understand a little more about why ants are such difficult pests, let’s discuss a few tactics you can take to ensure your home stays ant-free this summer.

  • Fix leaks in and around your home and make sure your gutters are properly channeling water away from your home's foundation.
  • Make sure hard-to-reach areas such as under refrigerators, stoves, and other appliances don’t have any spills or crumbs that ants can scavenge.
  • When feeding your pets, pick up their food and water once they are done with them.
  • When hosting outdoor gatherings, make sure leftovers are quickly picked up and no scraps of food or beverage containers are left behind for ants to raid.
  • Call in the help of pest professionals to get a long-lasting protective barrier that will ensure your property gets the best protection possible.

Who To Call For Your Professional Ant Control

If you need help in keeping your St. Charles home ant-free this summer, your best option is to call the professionals here at Pest Control Consultants. Our methods for excluding and eliminating ants have been tested, tried, and proven and are sure to work day and night to give your property the protection you desire. Let us find your solution to pests today!

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