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How To Control Stinging Insects Around Your Clinton Property

May 3, 2022

The post-winter pest control challenge in Illinois is real. You might find bees, wasps, and other flying insects that sting around your home. Some of these stinging pests are primarily harmless, but there's always the chance they'll be aggressive or territorial - which means you don't want them anywhere near your property. For reliable pest control services, contact a nearby Clinton pest control firm. They'll help you get rid of any stinging insects in Illinois.

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Types Of Stinging Insects Around Clinton

The list of stinging insects in Clinton, Illinois, is long and varied. Some are relatively harmless, while others can be hazardous for humans. The most common types of stinging insects in this area are:

  • Bees: These are some of the most common types of stinging insects in Illinois. They're not always harmful, but they can be very aggressive if they feel threatened.
  • Wasps: Wasps are also a popular type of stinging insect in Illinois. They're often aggressive if you disturb them or their nest, making them one of the worst stinging insects around.
  • Hornets: Hornets are the largest type of wasps and can grow up to two inches long. They're not as common in Clinton, but they still pose a significant threat if you disturb their nests.
  • Yellow Jackets: Yellow jackets are a wasp with bright yellow and black markings on their bodies that can be easily identified. They pose a much more significant threat to humans, equally making them one of the worst stinging insects.

You can contact a local pest control company for precise stinging insects identification. They will inspect your property for any potential types of stinging insects.

Where Stinging Insects Typically Hide

Flying insects that sting can be found in various places around your Clinton property. The most common areas where they like to hide are:

  • Trash cans or dumpsters are a prime spot for stinging insects because it's often close to their food source.
  • The insects are drawn to gardens and flowers or other vegetation.
  • They will be under the eaves of your home where it's cool and dark.
  • You will also find them inside walls or attics where there are gaps for them to hide in.

The list of stinging insects in Clinton and their multiple hideouts can be confusing. If you're having trouble identifying the insects on your property, contact a pest control company for assistance.

The Best Stinging Insect Removal Tip

Stinging insects identification is vital in determining which insect you have on your property. Each species of stinging insect will require a different removal method. Once you've identified the species, it's time for removal. The best way to remove stinging insects is through a professional pest control service. They'll conduct a thorough inspection and identify all potential hiding spots around your home or business. Some of the removal methods include:

  • Spraying insecticide inside walls or attics
  • Use a vacuum cleaner on your property to remove dead bees from carpeting, sofas, and more.
  • Spraying insecticide around doors, windows, and other openings where stinging insects might hide 
  • In the end, the best and most reliable way to get rid of stinging insects is by calling for professional pest control services. They'll effectively remove all stinging insects from your property and ensure that your family stays safe.

Stinging Insect Prevention Tips

Stinging insect removal can be a chore. Once you've successfully removed them from your home, the last thing you want is for them to return. To stop this from happening, here are some prevention tips:

  • Keep food scraps away from your property.
  • Keep garbage cans covered with lids at all times.
  • Remove any potential nesting spots from around your home or property.
  • Keep vegetation trimmed and away from the sides of your house.

Are you facing stinging insects problems on your property? Contact us at Pest Control Consultants; we specialize in stinging flying insect removal, and we can help you. Call us today for a free estimate.

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