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Overwintering Pests In St. Charles Can Be Hard To Get Rid Of

January 11, 2024

If you've ever had unexpected visitors stay well past their welcome, especially in the colder months, that experience probably left you feeling inconvenienced and even frustrated. That’s similar to when overwintering pests target your property to use as their long-term harborage. These critters seek shelter in warm indoor environments during the winter, such as office spaces or residential homes.

Once inside, they huddle together in large groups, expending as little energy as possible. However, their presence can still be an overwhelming sight, making occupants feel tremendously uncomfortable. That's why it's important to enlist the services of professionals with overwintering pest control in St. Charles.

At Pest Control Consultants, we provide comprehensive treatment programs to get rid of overwintering insect pests from your property ASAP. Read further to learn more about these intrusive critters and why you should partner with our team for a more comfortable and peaceful environment.


stink bug outside home

What Pests Are Considered Overwintering? 

Multiple types of insect species overwinter in human-occupied structures when the temperatures drop. Common examples of overwintering pests include stink bugs, boxelder bugs, cluster flies, and Asian beetles.

As it starts to get cold outside with the arrival of fall into early winter, these pests find their way into structures through small openings or gaps, often around vents, windows, or doors. They then go on a search to find dark and quiet areas where they can remain undisturbed. Basements, wall voids, and attics are some of their preferred places within a structure.

They typically remain dormant until the weather begins to warm up around spring. During this time, you may notice an overwhelming number of insects at one time, particularly around windows, as they attempt to find a way to get outside. Although not considered harmful, these pests can become a major nuisance, with some species excreting fluids or unpleasant odors as a defense mechanism.

If you've stumbled across any of these critters on your property, get in touch with your local pest management company for further assistance.


Signs You Are Dealing With An Overwintering Pest Infestation 

Are you perplexed by the sight of a large number of pests residing in your home or office, even during the winter months? If so, you may be housing insects seeking shelter during the colder seasons. You may observe huge clusters of pests around light sources, windows, or doors, especially when they're coming out of their dormant period and trying to escape to the outdoors.

If they're unable to exit, you may begin to notice yellowish stains on fabrics or foul smells emanating from hidden areas. Of course, the most obvious sign of their presence is seeing a large group of bugs at one time. 

If you're wondering how to get rid of overwintering pests as fast as possible, turn to our team at Pest Control Consultants for an effective elimination plan to rid your property of these incredibly annoying critters.


Tips To Get Rid Of Overwintering Pests 

Although relatively harmless, overwintering pests can quickly become a major source of aggravation. They can disrupt the comfort of your surroundings, making it difficult to concentrate, work, or simply relax. Their large populations can cause tremendous unease, which should motivate you to keep them from coming around when the weather gets cold.

Check out these proactive tips to keep these critters far away from your property:

  • Seal entry points in your structure, like cracks or openings.
    Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to suction up and destroy the visible pests. Make sure your vacuum has a disposable bag to empty its contents.
    Put well-fitted screens on your vents and windows to keep them from accessing the interior.
    Consult with qualified specialists on ways to eliminate or reduce overwintering pest populations.

By following these suggestions, you’ll enjoy the winter season without the company of these uninvited guests.


Professional Pest Control To Combat Overwintering Pests In St. Charles 

If you desire to go through the entire winter without encountering overwintering pests on your property, then you’ll certainly want to partner with professionals who have a broad understanding of pest habits and behaviors. Experts have the knowledge, skills, and specialized training to accurately identify and quickly eliminate the types of pests that have invaded your work or living spaces.

Our experienced technicians at Pest Control Consultants work hard so you can reclaim your work or living spaces. Let us remove the burden from your shoulders and restore the peace that intrusive nuisance pests take away. Reach out to us today to schedule your courtesy inspection.



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