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St. Charles Bed Bugs: Tips To Prevent And Control Infestations

April 23, 2024

Bed bug infestations are on the rise around the homes and businesses of St. Charles. Few, if any, infestations were recorded in the 1950s, but today, these tiny terrors have reclaimed their notoriety.

If you’re concerned about a bed bug infestation or happen to be experiencing one, this guide can help you decide on the next steps so you can move forward with confidence.

First, we explain how to identify a bed bug problem. Then, we validate your experience (or fears) by discussing the mental toll these pests take.

We also provide five bed bug prevention tips you can start using today. If you already have an existing infestation, we explain how PCC can help with bed bug control in St. Charles.

bed bug on fabric

How To Tell If You Have A Bed Bug Problem

There are a few different strategies you can take to identify a bed bug problem. Although these insects rarely show up during the day, they often leave behind clues that give themselves away.

These include:

  • Dark red or brown spots on pillowcases, bedsheets, and blankets
    Exoskeletons underneath beds, nightstands, or couches
    A sweet, musky odor with no clear origination point

If you think or know you’ve found any of these signs of bed bugs, you need to get in contact with PCC. Our professional team can provide bed bug treatments, so you don’t need to worry about the mental toll of their presence.

The Mental Toll Of Having Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs may not be venomous insects or spread diseases with their bites, but they’re perfectly capable of interfering with your health and reducing your quality of life.

For starters, bed bugs can leave you with itchy bites that make it difficult to fall or stay asleep. You may end up scratching at bites, introducing secondary infections. 

Severe bed bug infestations can also lead to insomnia, which reduces your ability to stay focused during the day. Chronic bed bug bites result in anemia, which is a dangerous condition resulting in headache, fatigue, and dizziness.

No one deserves the mental toll of living with a bed bug infestation. That’s why we advise following the steps below to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Five Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Don’t want to see bed bugs running around your St. Charles home? You can start with these tried-and-true prevention tips to protect yourself:

  • Don’t purchase second-hand furniture or appliances unless you can be 100% sure of their origins.
    Avoid putting your luggage on the ground while using public transportation (including buses, trains, and airplanes).
    Wash and dry your clothing on the highest heat setting to remove hitchhiking bed bugs.
    Inspect overnight lodgings (such as hotels or motels) before staying the night.
    Get regular bed bug inspections from the team at PCC.

Contact us today to learn more about the bed bug solutions available to you.

The Gold Standard: Expert Bed Bug Control From Start To Follow-Up

The most effective type of St. Charles bed bug control starts with the team at PCC. Not only do we address existing infestations up-front, but we can also provide residual applications as well.

The first step is to inspect your home for the signs and symptoms of bed bugs. From there, we apply our top-of-the-line treatments to mattresses, picture frames, furniture, and other areas where bed bugs like to hide. Keep in mind that we will return to your home for further treatments if needed, to ensure full bed bug elimination. Contact us today to request a free and thorough inspection of your St. Charles home.


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