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The Science Of Ant Control: Understanding Ant Behavior To Prevent And Control Ants In St. Charles

April 27, 2023

Spring has sprung, and St. Charles pest control companies know this is the time of year ants start finding their way into homes, searching for food, water, and shelter. Ants are among the most challenging household pests to prevent and control, partly due to the behaviors and characteristics of ants and their colonies. 

This guide explains some of the science behind ant control because the more you learn about each species of ants and their behaviors, the easier they are to treat. We'll also review the structure of ant colonies and how they communicate to help explain how infestations begin and rapidly spread. 

Working with a local company that provides ant control services near your home is often the simplest and most effective way to eliminate infestations and prevent ants from returning. Continue reading to learn some practical ant prevention tips and how to keep them out for good from the pros at Pest Control Consultants.

ants eating spilled sugar

The Social Hierarchy Of Ants: How Colonies Are Structured

Ants are social insects, which means they work together to ensure the colony's survival. Each type of ant has a specific job that benefits the other members. The following list explains the different types of ants and the service they provide to the colony:

  • Queen: There is at least one queen in the colony whose sole purpose is to lay eggs.
  • Males: Males exist to breed with the queen and die shortly after mating.
  • Workers: Sterile females that care for the queen and her offspring, forage for food, and defend the nest.

There can be more than one queen, depending on the ant species. Pharaoh ants in St. Charles are common, and their colonies can contain several hundred queens and thousands of workers. These large colonies can quickly become problematic when they are infesting homes.

The queen(s) must be killed to eliminate a colony because she is the only ant capable of producing eggs. The best way to ensure the eradication of the queens is to work with a professional company that provides ant control in St. Charles. Contact us at Pest Control Consultants today to learn more about how our services can get rid of problematic ants.

Ant Communication: How Infestations Develop And Spread

Ant communication is silently accomplished using chemical pheromones that the other ants smell with their antennae. Workers release pheromones that allow the ants to "talk" to each other to show which direction to head in for food or to signal that the colony may be under attack. 

When a worker ant locates a food source, such as some left behind crumbs in your cabinet, they'll leave an invisible trail of pheromones for their nest mates to follow back to the food. This is part of the reason infestations develop and spread so quickly. A reliable food or water source in your home can entice ants to hang around, and some species will even build a nest within your house.

Eliminating ants can be challenging because of their strong communication skills. If you need assistance getting rid of an infestation, contacting a company like Pest Control Consultants, which offers ant pest control services near you, is the best option. 

Ants And Food: How To Prevent Infestations By Limiting Access

A worker ant's primary purpose is to find food for the nest, and you may be accidentally inviting ants into your house to feast. Prevention is the most successful method of ant control for homeowners. Here are some ways to limit ants' access to food:

  • Use pest-proof air-tight containers to store food.
  • Clean up spills and crumbs immediately.
  • Vacuum eating areas regularly.
  • Don't leave pet food sitting out.
  • Try not to leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Frequently remove garbage and store it in well-sealed containers.

These ant prevention tips can significantly help you decrease the chances of an ant infestation, but if they are getting in anyway, we are here to help. Contact Pest Control Consultants to learn more about our home pest control services.

Professional Ant Control: A Great Way To Keep Ants Out For Good

Ant's social structure and communication methods make them efficient invaders, and the best way to combat them is to work with a professional company. Pest Control Consultants offers ant control solutions to eliminate the ants you have and prevent future infestations. Contact us today for same-day services or to request your free inspection, and get back to having an ant-free home.

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