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What You Should Know If You Spot Carpenter Ants In Your St. Charles Home

February 21, 2022

Carpenter ants in St. Charles are a special kind of nuisance. They get absolutely anywhere quickly, easily, and can be a real hassle to get rid of. It’s worrisome, especially when you realize that it may take a little more than carpenter ant spray to make the problem go away. Outside, these large ants have their place in the ecosystem. However, carpenter ants inside your house can only cause problems with structural damage. Your home needs protection from this, and we at Pest Control Consultants are going to give you a guide.

close up of carpenter ants

How To Identify A Carpenter Ant

There are a few types of carpenter ants-black, black and red, red, and brown. While they can vary in size (anywhere from 1/2 to 5/8 inches) they all have one thing in common; the way they nest. The only external sign of carpenter ants aside from physically seeing them or their swarmers (more on that later) is the appearance of small openings on the surface of the wood. Carpenter ants don’t eat the wood like termites but instead, they burrow through it to make tunnels and nests. If you see a collection of sawdust-like accumulation in the hole, it’s a sign of an active infestation.

The Problems A Carpenter Ant Infestation Can Create

As you can imagine, carpenter ants in St. Charles making hundreds of these tunnels can cause serious concerns for everybody involved. It needs to be dealt with promptly. If not, then your home could face massive structural damage down to the very foundation. The last thing a homeowner needs is for the home to gradually cave in on itself. Unfortunately, carpenter ant spray used on the visible ones outside the walls isn't necessarily an indicator that you’ve dealt with the problem in its entirety. Furthermore, if you don’t get them all in time, you risk having carpenter ant swarmers on your St. Charles property.  When a carpenter ant nest maxes out its capacity, it will begin to produce male and female reproductives. We call these winged ants "swarmers," and they have one purpose. Their job is to establish a new nest. That means your carpenter ant problem is about to expand exponentially!

The Best Call To Make About Carpenter Ants In Your Home

With everything we’ve said so far, carpenter ant treatment can seem daunting if you’re handling it alone. Carpenter ants in your house can hide too easily, and any that are missed will multiply and continue to dig. We at Pest Control Consultants know how to deal with carpenter ants effectively and safely so that every ant is taken care of swiftly and surely!

How To Naturally Make Your Home Less Attractive To Carpenter Ants

It’s always best to be proactive with pests that could invade your home, and you may be looking for ways to keep them out without needing something chemical like carpenter ant spray. Thankfully, there are a few ways to make your house as unappealing as possible in order to deter all types of carpenter ants. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Check your house for mold and moist places where carpenter ants could easily make an entrance into your home. Cleaning these areas will make it tougher for carpenter ants to get in.

  • Cut back tree branches outside that touch the house in any way. Carpenter ants live in wood, especially trees with dying limbs, and can follow a trail into your home.

  • Store firewood outside so you don’t accidentally carry any carpenter ants in with you. (They tend to hang out in bundles of wood.)

  • Seal cracks and any small openings around windows and the bottom of doors to deny them entrance.

These preventative measures will work well for now, but the only real way to keep carpenter ants out of your home is through the work of professionals.

Pest Control Consultants Is The Way To Go

If you spot black carpenter ants in your home, or any other type, give Pest Control Consultants a call and we’ll help you get rid of the problem before you need to start thinking about ways to repair your home’s foundation. We’re experienced, family-owned for three generations, and serve both residential and commercial sites. We even offer some fantastic protection plans so your home is safe year-round. Our wealth of knowledge in our industry is unparalleled, and you won't find anyone else more willing or more prepared to get the job done!

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