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Why Are Spiders In North Barrington So Hard To Get Rid Of?

March 7, 2024

Spiders live outside, but things like the promise of insect prey, dry shelter to lay their eggs, and moisture lure these eight-legged creatures into our North Barrington homes. Because our houses provide spiders with their basic needs, they have no desire to go back into the great outdoors once they get inside. Getting rid of spiders from our homes is a frustrating and difficult task. 

The most successful way to remove spiders from your home and stop them from returning is with the assistance of PCC. With us by your side, your problems with spiders will quickly be solved. 

Keep reading to learn more helpful information about spiders, spider prevention, and spider control in North Barrington

cellar spider in a corner

Types Of Spiders That Invade North Barrington Homes

There are more than 45,000 types of spiders that live throughout the world. In North Barrington, there are several species that people are most likely to encounter near and inside their homes: 

  • Brown recluse spiders: Brown recluse spiders are light brown to dark brown with a darker violin-like marking on their backs. They have long, thin legs and six eyes arranged in three groups.  
  • Cellar spiders: Cellar spiders have small, round bodies and long, thin legs. These spiders are often called daddy longlegs. 
  • Common house spiders: These medium-sized spiders are brown with lighter mottled markings and a round abdomen. 
  • Wolf spiders: Wolf spiders are large, robust spiders with strong legs they use to run after and chase down their prey.

The brown recluse spider is the only spider that poses significant danger to people. Though these spiders are shy and reclusive, they will bite to defend themselves from harm. If a bite occurs, their venom is potent enough to cause a person harm. 

Why Am I Seeing So Many Spiders Around My House?

The presence of insects is the most common reason that spiders have become a common fixture around your home. Outside, in nature, spiders are helpful predators and work to help control insect populations. Without spiders and other insect predators, insects would take over, harming crops and people.

Often, our homes, especially kitchen areas, are where many different types of insects can thrive. Common household pests like flies, cockroaches, and ants provide a food source for spiders and draw them indoors. While spiders in Illinois are a vital part of our ecosystem, they are not a vital part of our households and do not belong inside our houses. 

Five No-Sweat Spider Prevention Tips For Around The House

These easy-to-execute spider prevention tips will help make your house less inviting to these unwanted pests. Avoid problems with spiders with the help of the following five tips:

  1. Eliminate entry points by caulking cracks in the foundation, replacing torn screens, and installing door sweeps.
  2. Repair leaky pipes and fixtures that offer a source of moisture.
  3. Cut back trees, shrubs, and bushes from your home’s exterior to limit hiding spots for spiders near your home.
  4. Remove clutter from inside and outside your home that spiders like to retreat into.
  5. Regularly vacuum and dust your home to dislodge hiding spiders, their webs, and insects. 

If spiders are a problem in your home, call us. We will provide the quick action necessary to eliminate them and implement regular pest control services to stop them from coming back. 

Complete Spider Control For North Barrington Properties

For a complete solution to your North Barrington property’s spider problems, contact us at PCC. Our customized treatment plans will ensure that your home’s unique pest control needs are met, and you will no longer share your home with unwanted pests. For over three generations, we have provided homeowners with local spider control. To learn more about our guaranteed pest control services, please call today.

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