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Why You Do Not Want Odorous House Ants In Your St. Charles Home

March 28, 2019

There are many pests out there that can cause us trouble, but none nearly as organized as ants. Think about it - which other pests work together as well as ants do?  If a piece of food is too big for just one ant, more come and join in. Even if it takes one hundred ants to carry a single raspberry back to their colony, ants will find a way. Here in St. Charles, one of the most common species of ant we deal with are odorous house ants, and they can work just as hard as other ants do to cause trouble in your home.

an odorous house ant outside a home in illinois

How To Identify Odorous House Ants

To identify odorous house ants in your home, the first thing you need to know is what they look like. Typically about 2.4 to 3.3mm long, odorous house ants can be identified by their uniform black or brown color. We know what you're thinking, “you just described most ants”. Fortunately, we have one more thing to identify them with and it isn’t by sight but instead by smell. You see, when odorous house ants are crushed they give off a distinct rotting odor. This is really what sets them apart from other ants.

Problems Odorous House Ants Cause

Just like other ant species, odorous house ants are a foraging society. Most of the time these foraging habits push them inside homes in search of food. If this is the case for your home, you may find a surprise every time you walk into your kitchen and dining areas - ant trails. This can be frustrating, especially when they return day after day, despite the steps you take to stop them. Even worse, because of the smell odorous house ants give off after being crushed, swatting them away can make the problem feel worse. The good news is that there are some things you can do to keep these frustrating ants out of your home.

Prevention Tips For Odorous House Ants

There are two ways to prevent odorous house ants. First, reduce things that attract them to your home. Second, seal your home so they can’t get in to begin with.
Here are some simple ways you can do this for your home:

  • Search for and seal cracks or gaps in your home’s exterior that ants could use to get inside. These entry points can be most commonly found in your home’s foundation, and around utility pipes and wiring.

  • Reduce moisture around your home. Consider installing a dehumidifier in particularly humid areas of your home.

  • Store leftover food inside airtight containers and out of reach of ants. If ants can get to food, you can be sure they will scavenge it.

  • Make sure you are cleaning your home regularly, including under your refrigerator and stove, and under other household appliances.

  • Pick up your pets' food after they are done eating, as ants may find their food makes an easy snack.

How Pest Control Consultants Can Help

As helpful as DIY ant control can be, it is never a perfect solution. That being said, if you have odorous house ants in your home, your best option is to call in the professionals. When it comes to professional ant control, no one does a better job than the pest experts here at Pest Control Consultants. If you need the best solution to keep ants away, give us a call. We would be happy to send one of our highly qualified experts your way as soon as possible.

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